Localized strings

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RealWorld Designer and derived applications have very few items hardcoded and instead rely heavily on configuration. The configuration includes among others also toolbar and menu names and descriptions. Since the applications supports multiple languages, there must be a mechanism to specify text in multiple languages at once.

Language packs may be used for localization, but there is also a direct way to provide expressions in multiple languages in a single string.

Configurable items visible on user interface can use:

  • simple strings
  • multi-language strings - they consist of a language code in square brackets followed by string in that language; another language may follow

Multi-language format example


The above string contains 3 languages, 0409 is a hexadecimal code for U.S. English, 0405 is code for Czech and 0407 is a code for German.

List of language codes can be found at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/goglobal/bb964664.aspx in the LCID Hex column

When a string in multi-language format is displayed in menu, only one language is selected. If the currently active language in the application is found in the string, that language is used. Otherwise English or the first language in the string is used.

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