Make sky blue - Tutorial

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Making the sky blue in a photo

his tutorial demonstrates how to make the sky blue on your photographs, where your digital camera made it white in RealWorld Photos.

Narration transcript

How to make the sky blue in RealWorld Photos.

First, open your picture. Let's look at this photograph. The sky looks white.

You can usually blame your digital camera for this - today's cameras are unable to capture both bright and dark areas with sufficient details and this is the result.

How to fix this?

Switch to the magic wand tool and set its tolerance to about 9 percent.

Click on the sky. The sky is selected and the rest of the picture is grayed. Hold down SHIFT and click on another area to add it to the selection. Now, go to Mask menu and click on Blur Mask. Set the radius to 2 or so. This will make the edge of the selection smoother.

Click on the Color corrections button and use the brightness slider to lower the brightness of the sky. In my case, setting brightness to about -30 is the right thing.

Now, click on the Colorize filter in the Adjust or Effects menu, pick a blue color and click OK.

Press the ESC key to cancel the selection.

The sky is blue, we can stop here. There are some imperfections, but they are usually not important. If you want to get rid of them, try the Retouch tool set to Darken and then Colorize modes.

I'd like to show you one more thing. And that is adding clouds.

Create a new layer, switch to Brush tool, set size to about 120 and flow to 20, select white color and paint few cloudy shapes.

Click on the Select All button or press CTRL+A. The Transformation tool is selected. Switch the tool to the "Perspective mode". Then drag the points to apply perspective transformation to the clouds.

You can use the Gaussian blur to make the clouds smoother. When you are happy, use a mouse gesture or press Enter key to apply the transformation.

In my case the traffic light is obscured by the cloud, so I'll select the transparent color and remove part of the cloud.

That is all, the only thing left is to save your picture. With RealWorld Photos lossless resaving, you can do modifications like these without worrying about the quality of your JPEG photos.

Thanks for watching.

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:-) good!

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That is so cool!

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i cant find magic wand

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i realy want it.. :-D

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I can't find the magic wand neither. I tried to customize the toolbar adding all posibble configurations but with no luck

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very good

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Where the heck is the colour corrections button?

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i cant find the color corrections

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I can't find the color corrections button

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