Ellipse drawing tool

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Ellipse drawing tool

rsrc/ellipse-tool.png image ELLIPSE is a drawing tool capable of drawing filled ellipses and/or ellipse outlines. The ellipse can be rotated.

Ellipse configuration panel

rsrc/ellipse-tool-config.png image

If the Circle option is selected, the width and height of the drawn shape is kept the same.

How to use the Ellipse tool

Press the left mouse button over the canvas, move the mouse and release the button. A new ellipse is created and control handles appear. You can drag the handles to resize the ellipse or circle. The brown control handle can be used to rotate the ellipse.

In a vector layer, the ellipse can be converted to Shape and further refined by selecting Convert to Shape from the Object or the context menus.

Scripting parameters

ELLIPSE tool can be used from scripts. The command in script may have 4 to 6 parameters:

  • centerX, centerY - center of the drawn ellipse.
  • sizeX - width of the ellipse.
  • sizeY (optional) - height of the ellipse; if this argument is missing, sizeY defaults to sizeX resulting in a circle.
  • angle (optional) - clockwise rotation of the ellipse in radians (default is 0 radians).


DrawTool.ELLIPSE(Document, 100, 100, 50, 30);
DrawTool.ELLIPSE(Document, 100, 100, 50, 30, 40/180*pi); // ellipse rotated by 40 degrees clockwise
DrawTool.ELLIPSE(Document, 100, 100, 30); // circle with radius of 30 pixels

See also: DrawTool object, Document object, Rectangle tool

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 23rd 2016

You cannot make that big cursors. Some screen recording programs can add that big circle to the video, but it is not the actual cursor, it is just a video enhancement.

user icon Anonymous on January 23rd 2016

how do you make a color around the cursor and so when you save it you don't get a regular cursor :-(tell me that is wrong is it my laptop just please let me know

user icon Anonymous on March 16th 2016


user icon Anonymous on April 9th 2016

I do not know how to select the shape of round :-(

user icon Anonymous on November 9th 2016

i cant find fill dtyl

user icon Anonymous on January 15th 2017

I want a yellow circle around my cursor. not 'over' the cursor. :|

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 16th 2017

If you want the yellow circle "under" the cursor, switch to Paint under mode or use layers.

user icon Anonymous on January 8th

i just want a red out line i dont want to fill it in how tdo i fix that?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 8th

There are panels on the right side that allow you to configure outline and fill.

user icon Anonymous on February 8th

how do you do that circle thing

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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