Multi-resolution Windows 7 cursors

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Multi-resolution Windows 7 cursors

In Windows 7, the mouse cursor size is no longer constant, but changes with display resolution (DPI). In Windows 7, resolution can be changed by right-clicking on the Desktop, selecting Personalize and then clicking on Display in the lower left corner of the window. You'll be presented with 3 choices: Smaller (96 DPI), Medium (120 DPI) and Larger (144DPI). In smaller and medium modes, cursor size is 32x32 pixels, in larger mode, cursors are 48x48 pixels.

Windows 7 cursors thus may contain multiple images, typically 32x32 and 48x48 pixels. RealWorld Cursor Editor allows you to comfortably create and edit cursors with multiple image.

The cursor preview window will display all images of a cursor and allows you to select the active image format.

rsrc/cursor-preview.png image

The New cursor and Cursor from image wizards have you the option to create a multi-res Windows 7 cursor. Similarly, the Change size command allows you to change the cursor size to the Win7 defaults.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on October 29th 2014

how would i change a pictures format so that i could select the file as a cursor with the personalization settings

user icon Eminem registered user on July 13th 2016

It is possible to change the size of the already existing cursor ? For example, if it was created in 26x26 pixels , it is possible to alteralo 25x25 pixels or 27x27 ?

user icon Anonymous on July 22nd 2016

who cares
if it works use it that way gosh damnit

user icon Hanif Nick registered user on September 23rd 2017

how i get my Undertale Genocide Cursor bigger? like when i watch the angry birds video i see the guy had the cursor giant! how he do that its hard to change but it when big it looks normal! i want to get my new cursor bigger...
if it works tell me! shows the tip! but not that so freaking hard plz?

user icon Anonymous on December 2nd 2017

Is there a way to change the pointer size to 48x48 without changing the size of the taskbar?

user icon Anonymous on August 2nd 2020


user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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