Raster Image - Remove Empty Border

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Raster Image - Remove Empty Border

The Remove Empty Border operation is an operation plug-in, which works with raster images and positions the object on the image on the canvas according to specifications. This operation is intended to prepare an image for conversion to a cursor or to an icon and allows users to control the position and size of the object in an icon.

rsrc/remove-border-cfg.png image

The size (RelSize) parameter determines the relative size of the actual object to the dimensions of the entire image. Although the operation name implies that border will be removed, it may actually be added if size is set to less than 100% and the original image has smaller border then the requested one.

The border is determined automatically. The application compares the pixels in the corners of the image and if they match, the border color is determined from them.

The Canvas size operation works similarly to this operation and is less automated, but more predictably.


GUID: C6001A7D-4D4E-4431-BAA9-6311F9593A31

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
RelSizeinteger10010-100if less than 100, part of the border will be retained and it may be even extended
Alignment (Values)integer5horizontal(0=left, 4=center, 8=right) + vertical(0=top, 1=middle, 2=bottom)Values is used in version prior to 2009.1
Squareboolfalseif enabled, the resulting image will have square proportions

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