Raster Image - Rotate

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Raster Image - Rotate

The rotate operation is an operation plug-in, works with raster images and rotates them around their center by given angle.

Works with 32-bit RGBA images.


GUID: C1CFEEE0-0E2E-44AA-94E2-7041F8F0C7AE

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Anglefloat450-360 degreeswhen rotating by 90, 180, or 270 degrees, no filtering is performed
Resize (prior to 2013)booleanfalseif true, the image will be resized and no pixels will be lost
Extend (since 2013)integer10=Never
1=As needed
adjust canvas size, in "As needed" mode, the bounding rectangle of the actual content of the image is considered and if the rotated rectangle fits the image canvas, it is not extended

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on July 13th 2011

Love the program! It's taking me to the next level almost effortlessly! Highly recommend!!! :-)

user icon Anonymous on May 8th 2013

Is it possible to rotate a single object which is placed on a vector layer beside other objects, which should stay as they are? Don't find a tool, just found to rotate whole layer with all objects on it.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 8th 2013

There is a way, but a not very nice one. Press and hold SHIFT and start dragging near the edge of the object to rotate and scale it. There will be other, more convenient, ways in the future versions.

user icon Anonymous on July 21st 2013

Is there a way to rotate your cursor to 180 degrees?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on July 21st 2013

Sure, select all frames (if it is an animated cursor) and go to main menu Image->Rotate to 180 degrees. You may also want to change the hot spot afterward. (make sure your version of RWCE is less than 3 years old)

user icon Anonymous
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