Raster Image - Seam Carving

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Raster Image - Seam Carving

The Seam Carving operation is an operation plug-in working with raster images and changing their dimensions by adding or removing pixels from images. The operation takes pixel importance and eventually image mask into account.

This operation repeatedly adds or removes (irregular) rows or columns until the destination size is reached. Changing dimensions by a large amount can take a long time.

By default, the least important pixels are removed or duplicated first. Importance of pixels can be influenced by user. The image mask increases importance of selected pixels if the Protect mode is selected. Their importance is decreased for selected pixels in Remove mode.


Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
SizeXinteger800 pixels>=1
SizeYinteger600 pixels>=1
Modeinteger00=ignore, 1=protect, -1=remove
SyncIDstringIMAGEMASKID of the state with image mask

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