Shape-shift tool

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Shape shifter tool

rsrc/shapeshift-tool.png image SHAPESHIFT drawing tool allows smoothly moving or deforming parts of an image.

The shape-shifter tool can be used to make subtle modification to the shapes present in an photograph. It can be used for example to increase muscle volume, make the waist smaller, or draw attention to a face by making the eyes slightly bigger. Apart from these serious retouching techniques, the shape-shifter tool can be easily used to make funny pictures with under-sized or over-sized body parts.

The tool has 5 modes of function - the active one can be selected in the configuration panel.

  • Push forward - pixels are pushed forward along the drawn path.
  • Push right - similar, as Push forward, but pixels are pushed to the right side (relative to the direction of the stroke).
  • Restore - pixels are moved back to their initial position.
  • Collapse - pixels are attracted to the drawn stroke.
  • Expand - pixels are pushed away from the drawn stroke.

The tool configuration panel can also be used to select the radius of the affected region and strength of the effect.

The modes can be switched freely and the changes are accumulated while working with the original image. The image is modified only after the operation is finished (by pressing Enter, doing the down-right mouse gesture or by switching to another tool) to minimize blurring.

When selection (image mask) exists prior to switching to the Shape-shift tool, the selection is used to specify the region, where the pixels can be moved. If a pixel is partially selected, the shifting applied to it is minified according to the selection.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on September 18th 2012

where is an example lads?

user icon hunter17p registered user on October 3rd 2014

how do I use shapeshifter ?(

user icon Anonymous on December 3rd 2014

Why whenever you accidentally CTRL+Z a shapeshift it completely destroys it all and you can't get it back? That has been an issue for a while now. :-(

user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 3rd 2014

If you press Enter after a bit of Shapeshifting, it will apply that part and you can continue and get back to this point when pressing Undo. The program does not do this automatically, because it may potentially lower the final quality. If you do several modifications to the same region in one go, the program has the original image as the source and can maintain maximal sharpness. If the process is broken into several steps, each step makes the affected region a bit blurrier, because pixels. So, the program prefers quality. Maybe in the future, the situation will improve.

user icon Anonymous on December 22nd 2017

why cant I see the shapeshift modes anymore??

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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