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This art is based on comuter or desk games.

Pokemon Project TeaserPokemon Project Cursors
by mrmcgoo7643############################################# THIS PROJECT IS DEAD. I...
Arm Cannon (Metroid) TeaserArm Cannon (Metroid) Cursors
by mrmcgoo754The arm cannon. i don't own metroid, nintendo, or these images.
Eeveeloution TeaserEeveeloution Cursors
by mrmcgoo8298All the eevee eeveeloutions. A small little grouping from my Pokemon ...
Kyle Dunamis TeaserKyle Dunamis Cursors
by Augla1303An animated cursor set of Kyle Dunamis from Tales of Destiny 2. The s...
Paper Mario TeaserPaper Mario Cursors
by Applefan3867A set with the characters of super paper mario for wii.
Super Mario Kart TeaserSuper Mario Kart Cursors
by Applefan3286A Mario Kart cursors set.
Video Games AND A Free Cursor TeaserVideo Games AND A Free Cursor Cursors
by danman5550750You get: iPhone Wii Remote Gamecube Controller AND as a bonus: An Eye...
Dragon Scimitar Set TeaserDragon Scimitar Set Cursors
by sulu511860dragon scimitar cursors from runescape
Runescape Gods TeaserRunescape Gods Cursors
by D00m259807All the runescape gods
Pacman (Animated) 2.0 TeaserPacman (Animated) 2.0 Cursors
by pg2267662*Update 2.0: Modifications to 'Opti.ani', as well as 2 NEW THROW-INS:...
Super Mario RPG TeaserSuper Mario RPG Cursors
by Applefan3481After a few weeks without doing any cursors. Now i present to you my ...
N (game) TeaserN (game) Cursors
by leah180This set of cursors is centered around the game N, which can be down...
Runescape Items TeaserRunescape Items Cursors
by Nick3928Runescape Rs Ags Armadyl Godsword coins 16m sgs saradomin god sword
"The Legend of Zelda" NES Teaser"The Legend of Zelda" NES Cursors
by mrmcgoo1816This set features Link and some items, it took a long time to make, s...
Unique Weapons TeaserUnique Weapons Cursors
by Fizzenator1240You are going to love them, there's a sword in there for you! Just wa...
New Saradomin TeaserNew Saradomin Cursors
by Hakoda1860This is my first cursor set ever. Hope you all like my designs.
CoD MW2 and other games TeaserCoD MW2 and other games Icons
by HellHag1441a collection of icons from CoD MW2 and other games
Megaman 7 TeaserMegaman 7 Cursors
by Applefan837Now the blue bomber is in 16-bits only for you.
Megaman X TeaserMegaman X Cursors
by Applefan6848I have done the classic megaman cursors, but why not do the X series?...
LittleBigPlanet TeaserLittleBigPlanet Cursors
by Fracture1057My second cursor pack, based on characters and items from the awesome...
Super Mario World TeaserSuper Mario World Cursors
by Applefan6515The Italian plumber now is back in his great 16-bits. Extra cursors s...
Super Metroid TeaserSuper Metroid Cursors
by Applefan2268In honor of the new metroid game i gave to you a set of cursors of on...
Megaman Robots Masters (1 to 6) TeaserMegaman Robots Masters (1 to 6) Cursors
by Applefan1232As you may know, i love megaman,so i have taken my time to create eve...
Portal Extended TeaserPortal Extended Cursors
by sixλxis4916My second revision of portal cursors, these took a very long time to ...
Halo Reach DMR TeaserHalo Reach DMR Cursors
by Shadow0fIntent4580Halo Reach DMR crosshairs. Sadly these don't explode when clicked. Ho...
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Link (Link-Fierce Deity-Zero-Cloud) TeaserMushroom Kingdom Fusion Link (Link-Fierce Deity-Zero-Cloud) Cursors
by Applefan3489Have you played MKFusion? That game is great!!higly recomended. i hav...
brick Teaserbrick Cursors
by guno23138bick of tetris game
Tron TeaserTron Cursors
by JDDellGuy18kA complete set of Tron-themed cursors that contains various glowing e...
"New Old Super Mario Bros." Teaser"New Old Super Mario Bros." Cursors
by Applefan4091i was able to continue my work and finish the mario cursors in a frie...
Bass(Mega Man) TeaserBass(Mega Man) Cursors
by Applefan1376A new set that i was working in. Bass the eternal rival from Mega Man...
ProtoMan(Mega Man Series) TeaserProtoMan(Mega Man Series) Cursors
by Applefan1363One more set of Mega Man themed cursors, this time i have created a P...
Random TeaserRandom Cursors
by wilee is happy infinity2474Awesome Cursors
Mario 8-Bit TeaserMario 8-Bit Cursors
by epiccomputerdude1962It's Mario and all his friends! Please respond in the comments if you...
Tales Of Symphonia TeaserTales Of Symphonia Icons
by Applefan479This icons are a request for Tails the Fox. I really don't know anyth...
kirby Teaserkirby Cursors
by t_anders3912a set of kirby sprite cursors.
MineCraft Survival Kit TeaserMineCraft Survival Kit Cursors
by lolsomeone121334519kmy first cursors from mc fixed and remodeled (somewhat) ** NEW ** buc...
minecraft diamonds Teaserminecraft diamonds Cursors
by lolsomeone12133454645diffrent minecraft diamonds **coming soon ores**
MineCraft items/blocks TeaserMineCraft items/blocks Cursors
by lolsomeone12133457195all credit goes to notch for making an awesome game
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