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Tag: □ Multicolored

Art that is available in multiple colors in one set.

Olive TeaserOlive Icons
by cdl128Green and black olive slices.
Arrow TeaserArrow Icons
by cdl6733d arrows in various designs.
Cartoon Trash TeaserCartoon Trash Icons
by cdl529Cartoon trash objects with a set of recycling bins.
TP TeaserTP Icons
by cdl296Colorful toilets and paper rolls.
4 Bit Lollipop Teaser4 Bit Lollipop Cursors
by cuv333Attribution+NonCommercial (CC by-nc) Use wherever you like, just reme...
Check It TeaserCheck It Icons
by cdl385Three styles of check marks in ten colors.
X TeaserX Icons
by cdl219"X" in a round or square 3d frame, a 3d null sign, and simple thick 3...
Large Rainbow Jellybean TeaserLarge Rainbow Jellybean Cursors
by cuv1252Attribution+NonCommercial (CC by-nc) Use wherever you like, just reme...
Chunky Button. TeaserChunky Button. Icons
by cdl1303D Round and square barrel buttons with rounded rims.
Gemz TeaserGemz Icons
by cdl367Glassy 3d gem like orbs with reflections.
Matte TeaserMatte Icons
by cdl3173D matte finished squares, circles and triangles.
E.M.S. TeaserE.M.S. Cursors
by Jmedicmom310EMS related animated cursors with optional static Normal Select inclu...
E.M.S. TeaserE.M.S. Icons
by Jmedicmom296EMS related icons includes ambulance and star of life in set. I have ...
Gear TeaserGear Icons
by cdl1113D gear like fanned and flared objects.
Splat TeaserSplat Icons
by cdl206Fun abstract 3d splats with splatters in various finishes!
Randomness TeaserRandomness Icons
by cdl116Buttons and "x's" in various textures and prints.
Romance Grunge TeaserRomance Grunge Icons
by cdl3803D hearts with various inlays and finishes.
Awareness Ribbon TeaserAwareness Ribbon Icons
by cdl266Awareness ribbons in a variety of hues and colors. --- See a list of ...
SnakeEater TeaserSnakeEater Icons
by cdl220Wriggly 3d snakes in four poses and metals.
Rainbow Hands TeaserRainbow Hands Icons
by cdl5803d matte finish rainbows and rainbow colored hands.
Globe TeaserGlobe Icons
by cdl10923d globes with reflection and graphic enhancements.
Shiny Button TeaserShiny Button Icons
by cdl314Round, oval and square (with rounded corners) 3d buttons in high glos...
Exploding TeaserExploding Cursors
by Mr X484Exploding Cursors
Dragon TeaserDragon Icons
by cdl1858Metallic dragon head profiles. Check this out!
Easter Eggs 2 TeaserEaster Eggs 2 Icons
by cdl520Set of 40 Easter egg icons in a variety of festive styles!
Steven Universe TeaserSteven Universe Cursors
by kittybits1942Steven Universe Cursors with small pointer
random Teaserrandom Cursors
by blakesam259
Requested | Pixel Pug TeaserRequested | Pixel Pug Cursors
by BB212284This was requested by an anonymous user in the forum. If you see this...
Hoops TeaserHoops Icons
by cdl560An assortment of colored hoop rings.
Spinner TeaserSpinner Icons
by cdl5723d buttons with spiral design in assorted colors.
Square TeaserSquare Icons
by cdl299Square 3d buttons with ridges in a variety of colors.
Harmful TeaserHarmful Icons
by cdl296I thought I'd share some older work from my junk folder, just a few s...
Box TeaserBox Icons
by cdl145Solidly colored 3d boxes from an older set.
Box 2 TeaserBox 2 Icons
by cdl118Solid, patterned and/or striped tan/brown and blue/green 3d boxes.
Tack TeaserTack Icons
by cdl455Plastic and metal 3d thumbtacks.
Paperclip TeaserPaperclip Icons
by cdl607Ten 3d colored paperclips that look like the real thing!
Flower Rounds TeaserFlower Rounds Icons
by cdl360Various 3d flowers on buttons with a raised rim.
Dragon 1 TeaserDragon 1 Icons
by cdl623Dragon profile with glowing eyes standing with mouth open and one leg...
Square Buttons TeaserSquare Buttons Icons
by cdl1843d Metallic rounded square buttons with plastic centers.
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