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Plasma Cursors (16 cursors)

Released on April 2nd 2015 by Mr X


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2D 3D Arrow Teaser2D 3D Arrow Cursors
by Mr X4952D 3D Arrow
Wings TeaserWings Cursors
by Mr X413
3D Triangle Madness Teaser3D Triangle Madness Cursors
by Mr X19053D Triangle Madness the website slows down the animation they move mu...
Loops TeaserLoops Cursors
by Mr X123Loops
Criss Cross TeaserCriss Cross Cursors
by Mr X353Criss Cross
Curved TeaserCurved Cursors
by Mr X266Curved
Broken Arrow TeaserBroken Arrow Cursors
by Mr X268Broken Arrow
Compass TeaserCompass Cursors
by Mr X89Compass
Shields Up TeaserShields Up Cursors
by Mr X731Shields Up
Center Line TeaserCenter Line Cursors
by Mr X199Center Line

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user icon Anonymous on March 4th 2019

i have not in a while im making music

user icon nibbler forum moderator on March 4th 2019

How do you make your cursors?

They're very complex and hard to make to my opinion.

user icon Anonymous on March 6th 2019

@The Muffin Man:

I was thinking about the same question too. How does Mr. X create these complex cursors? Perhaps he should find I site where there is more cursors and upload them to this site. That would be exciting. 8-)

user icon Anonymous on April 8th 2019

what kind of music are you making instead of amazing cursors?

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 19th 2019

Mr X, why are you saying everytime on Noah Bear's cursors sets and icons sets, "sucks"?
It's way kind of rude saying it, I know your cursors are great; but it is rude saying the same thing, if it's your enemy, just forgive both, also you spam the same thing on every set he makes! I hope you reply me.


user icon snickerdoodle registered user on December 15th 2019

yes, please stop putting bad reviews on Noah Bear's cursor sets without even putting down why you give 0.5 stars

user icon Anonymous on August 29th 2022


your cursors are cancer trash

user icon Anonymous on June 18th 2023

i agree with vlazteron

user icon Anonymous on September 28th 2023

noah bear suggs

user icon Anonymous on April 7th

i've been wondering...

Why do you make your cursors spin???

user icon Anonymous
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