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Simple as not overly detailed.

Highly Visible Big Black & Blue (Cyan) TeaserHighly Visible Big Black & Blue (Cyan) Cursors
by Censor_Not621432 & 48 pixel. Extras in left & right. Enjoy :) ..(Check out the wild...
Red And White TeaserRed And White Cursors
by Smbfun81Here's my first cursor set. It has a really plain and simple look, I'...
Red Glass TeaserRed Glass Cursors
by Censor_Not265Made similar to Ubuntu "Redglass" theme. 32 & 48 px. Transparent with...
Highly Visible Big Black & Pink TeaserHighly Visible Big Black & Pink Cursors
by Censor_Not808This completes the "Highly Visible" series. Unless you would like to ...
Pixelated TeaserPixelated Cursors
by Pierre358A set of cursors full of pixels and some blue, red, and orange Hope y...
by highmystica948Features: Uses inverted colors (doesn't show in preview). Large highl...
by highmystica2503Features: Uses inverted colors (doesn't show in preview). Large highl...
Lil' Ball TeaserLil' Ball Cursors
by Michaelpie213Small circular ball cursors in a full set! My challenge was to make a...
Gold TeaserGold Cursors
by Censor_Not2976Made with Photoshop CS3 & Greenfish Icon Editor. 32 & 48 px.
by highmystica419Features: Uses inverted colors (doesn't show in preview). Large highl...
by highmystica982Features: Uses inverted colors (doesn't show in preview). Large highl...
3D Diamond Teaser3D Diamond Cursors
by Jason1207A simple and free cursor pack that was designed for simplicity and el...
Golden Blue (Aero) TeaserGolden Blue (Aero) Cursors
by Theogtm1667A cool varieties of cursors based on the colors light blue and gold m...
Simplistic Pointers TeaserSimplistic Pointers Cursors
by MustyYew011937231Some simple cursors. I was going to call them Minimalist cursors, but...
Simple TeaserSimple Icons
by MustyYew011937105Some simple, rounded-edge icons.
(Animated!) The Heart Teaser(Animated!) The Heart Cursors
by Radford123254Hey Everyone! I know The Heart cursors where a big hit, but they lack...
Heathers TeaserHeathers Cursors
by Deactivated49A Heathers cursor set!
LGBT+ Pride TeaserLGBT+ Pride Cursors
by Deactivated849If you don't see your flag here please!! message me!! I'll add it as ...
4-Bit Circle Teaser4-Bit Circle Cursors
by MustyYew011937165Some simple circular 4-bit cursors. the tip of the ones with arrows u...
Alphabet XXL Green TeaserAlphabet XXL Green Cursors
by RIDDLER67Most of my cursors contains cursors for Windows operating systems. Th...
Numbers XXL Green TeaserNumbers XXL Green Cursors
by RIDDLER89Have you ever wanted to use a full set of numbers to your cursor role...
Lite-Brite TeaserLite-Brite Cursors
by Censor_Not323Lite-Brite Cursors made to look like Lite-Brite, which was an old toy...
Red Gradient Pointer Pack TeaserRed Gradient Pointer Pack Cursors
by Wolf_KittyYT219ENGLISH: These cursors are original and made with the cursor editor o...
More Colors Text Select Pack TeaserMore Colors Text Select Pack Cursors
by Wolf_KittyYT22ENGLISH: Made by me with RealWorld Cursor Editor, this pack is for th...
Clown Fish Pack TeaserClown Fish Pack Cursors
by Wolf_KittyYT90ENGLISH: This is the Clown Fish Cursor Pack! I made a video on the pr...
More Colors Vista Normal Select TeaserMore Colors Vista Normal Select Cursors
by Wolf_KittyYT1645ENGLISH: This is the "More Colors Vista Normal Select Pack". There wi...
Mix & Mash TeaserMix & Mash Icons
by adrenochromedream77A mixed mash-up of colorful fun icons
Mal's Custom Mouses Collection TeaserMal's Custom Mouses Collection Cursors
by Xyaena2693This is the collection of some static and animated mouse cursors. I a...
by netbrain883
Blue Whale TeaserBlue Whale Cursors
by veveo007543my first design cursor. enjoy ^^
Blue Dolphin TeaserBlue Dolphin Cursors
by veveo007682please review and rate my cursor design. thx and enjoy ^^
Star Yellow Fish TeaserStar Yellow Fish Cursors
by veveo00716hello, enjoy use my cursor design ^^
Doca Happy Puppy TeaserDoca Happy Puppy Cursors
by veveo007665doca cursor sticker line. enjoy^^
cute bunny Teasercute bunny Cursors
by veveo007565kelinciku kelinciku manis sekali
cute green turtle Teasercute green turtle Cursors
by veveo007671full set turtle curcors .enjoy rate and review .thx :3
BB Cat TeaserBB Cat Cursors
by veveo007739new cusors animal it's cat .can download here ^^
red green click Teaserred green click Cursors
by veveo007269click, download, use, review, enjoy ^^
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