Cursor Set - LGBT+ Pride [PRIDE2021 Update/Overhaul!]

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LGBT+ Pride [PRIDE2021 Update/Overhaul!] Cursors

LGBT+ Pride [PRIDE2021 Update/Overhaul!]
  • Published on October 3rd 2017 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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If you don't see your flag here please!! message me!! I'll add it as soon as I can! Thank you!!

(Before commenting some homophobic/transphobic crap, please review Matthew 7:1-3 if you feel like bringing up the Bible, thank you!!!
And in terms of science, same-sex attraction is found in plenty of different species. If you feel like arguing this does not apply to gender in animals, please realize they have no concept of it. Your male dog does not mind wearing a sparkly pink bow. Also, science has proven sex and gender are fairly different.
Gender: Phsycology
Sex: Chromosomes/Reproductive Parts)

If you do not have anything polite to comment, if you are not here to download this or point out something I missed, please see yourself out. Thanks.

PRIDE2021 UPDATE: Added NEW Gay (M), Lesbian, Agender, Poly-, Polyamorous, Demisexual, Demiromantic, Intersex, Pride, Aromantic flags, and more! Happy pride! I've been meaning to do a pride cursor overhaul for quite a bit!

Tags: Heart Simple Symbol □ Multicolored


by lunchbubbles

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user icon Anonymous on May 21st 2021

im homo

and swag 8-)


Its called they them brother :-)

user icon Anonymous on June 1st 2021

I don't see the lesbian flag

user icon lunchbubbles registered user on June 2nd 2021

i havent touched rw in a hot minute
I added the new gay pride flag, as well as lesbian, aromantic, and agender! i hope to add more today! if anyone notices a missing flag you want added please please feel free to tell me! <333

user icon Anonymous on August 24th 2021

please add a demifluid one plepleaseplease

user icon itz.me_talli registered user on September 20th 2021

cute omg <3

user icon Anonymous on January 23rd

Thank you so much for adding an aro flag!! All of them are so cute❤❤

user icon Anonymous on January 26th

Thats shitty

user icon Anonymous on February 28th

yaaay ty for the genderfluid and omni cursors :))

user icon Anonymous on March 7th


user icon Anonymous on April 19th

LOL DADDY~~~~~~~~~

I wanna take a ride on your disco stick dont talk do much just ride that Dick i wanna take a ride on your disco stick ;-) ;-)

user icon Anonymous