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Tag: Weapon

Instruments used for attack, defense or hunting. They may be simple, like spears or clubs, or hi-tech like guns, lasers or tanks.

Natural Born Killers TeaserNatural Born Killers Cursors
by adrenochromedream1004cursors of or inspired by real life & fictional killers
Happy Helloween TeaserHappy Helloween Cursors
by adrenochromedream1939a creepy set of cursors
Character Study TeaserCharacter Study Cursors
by adrenochromedream788cursors with character
Creature Feature TeaserCreature Feature Cursors
by adrenochromedream403various creature cursors
Średniowiecze/Medieval TeaserŚredniowiecze/Medieval Cursors
by PolskiByk728This is my second cursors set stylized on Middle Ages.
Gandalf TeaserGandalf Cursors
by AnonymousPizza630I was inspired by a wizardry cursor set, and I decided I wanted a Gan...
Guns Normal Select TeaserGuns Normal Select Cursors
by Paradise Murderer2447Gun cursors! Including many colors of pistols and AK47's. ¡Cursores ...
Control Grip Reticles TeaserControl Grip Reticles Cursors
by JesterPear37371491A set of cursors inspired by the 2019 videogame Control, by Remedy En...
GTA V (Pack)(Con animación) TeaserGTA V (Pack)(Con animación) Cursors
by ImNotObed2025Seguiré creando más cursores a lo largo del tiempo con buena adquis...
Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice - Complete TeaserRainbow Six Siege Black Ice - Complete Cursors
by MetaSoc1076A complete set of Rainbow Six Siege cursors. Some made by myself and ...
Fiery Sword TeaserFiery Sword Cursors
by the E man1151I added an animated gradient sword
Age of Empires II DE TeaserAge of Empires II DE Cursors
by Anonymous Me1893I was inspired to post these by Fornacott's "Age of Empires II Cursor...
Tanki Online TeaserTanki Online Icons
by RIDDLER291I have created a very simple set of three Tanki Online icons. They ar...
Tanki X TeaserTanki X Icons
by RIDDLER45To remember the legacy of this dead game, I have created an icon set ...
Wand TeaserWand Cursors
by ⓟⓘⓚⓐⓒⓗⓤⓡⓤⓢ405This is super simple(except unvailable and hand writing) wand cursor,...
Seirei no Moribito TeaserSeirei no Moribito Cursors
by Anonymous Me225Cursor set inspired by the anime of the same name The vertical/horizo...
Nights edge (Terraria) TeaserNights edge (Terraria) Cursors
by nightklp2090yeah some of are not nights edge well srry or copy if you see copy go...
Saab gripen fighter jet TeaserSaab gripen fighter jet Cursors
by Nightfury2287SAAB Gripen and f15 included
Fighter jet TeaserFighter jet Cursors
by Nightfury394Some fighter cursors
Total War Warhammer II TeaserTotal War Warhammer II Cursors
by papery2213From the game Total War Warhammer II
GTA TeaserGTA Cursors
by ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ3585These are made like weapons' please subscribe me if these cursors are...
CS:GO Bayonet Vanilla TeaserCS:GO Bayonet Vanilla Cursors
by Itonga3431746Just a quick CSGO Bayonet set I made bc there wasn't one in the galle...
Acog TA648-308 TeaserAcog TA648-308 Cursors
by el_tao-le_tao-tao176these cursors are based on the Acog TA648-308 reticle
Rainbow Six Siege Weapon Sights TeaserRainbow Six Siege Weapon Sights Cursors
by nomnom893The old weapon sights available in Rainbow Six Siege. This set includ...
Squid Game TeaserSquid Game Cursors
by HEXAMINE155Some Squid Game cursors. I can't seem to find any of these so I made ...
Russian Designated Marksman Rifles TeaserRussian Designated Marksman Rifles Cursors
by XK 472's Mouse Cursors216Multiple Russian Designated Marksman Rifles that are or were in servi...
Jett Kunai - Valorant TeaserJett Kunai - Valorant Cursors
by ATT11kThis pack has all 17 cursor roles based on Jett's Kunai from Valorant...
ghost oline (ghost soul) Teaserghost oline (ghost soul) Cursors
by mgd551846ghost oline (ghost soul) game *I do not own the rights to this cursor...
Hybrid FPS Crosshair Target Reticles (Special Edition) - PERFECT FOR GAMING TeaserHybrid FPS Crosshair Target Reticles (Special Edition) - PERFECT FOR GAMING Cursors
by SCG-11711752This is PERFECT for FPS games. Semi-transparent cursors so that you c...
Blue Scopes TeaserBlue Scopes Cursors
by Eliot585I wanted to make a new set, here are all 17 cursor roles! I might ani...
Computers TeaserComputers Icons
by pylesvideos131just some icons i made when i was bored today.
Mai Shiranui TeaserMai Shiranui Cursors
by Kronos1023 animated Mai Shiranui cursors!
Ned's Ergonomic AWP Sniper Rifle TeaserNed's Ergonomic AWP Sniper Rifle Cursors
by NedInYaHead4427An Arctic Warfare Police Sniper Rifle (AWP for short) cursor set with...
[2024 VALENTINES TOTM] Valentines Day Pack Teaser[2024 VALENTINES TOTM] Valentines Day Pack Icons
by ツ☪ 4N1MATIC ♡♥119. - PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION ツ☪ wubtastic ♡♥ enjoy the set ~ ...
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