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Tanki Online Icons

Tanki Online
  • Published on December 13th 2020 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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I have created a very simple set of three Tanki Online icons. They are real icons from Tanki Online's downloadable gaming client. The downloadable game client can be downloaded from the Tanki Online home page. You can also play Tanki Online from most web browsers. Supported web browsers where you can play Tanki Online are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Brave. This game is also playable on Opera and Safari web browsers, but you may experience issues such as blank pages, lag or game crashes.

To get the best performance of gameplay when playing Tanki Online, you can now adjust the level of graphics in the settings menu depending on your mobile, laptop or PC's specifications. Tanki Online is very versatile, so it can be adjusted to your computer's specifications.

Tanki Online has weekly V-Logs which are uploaded each week on Friday at around 2:00 PM UTC local time. V-Logs are special Tanki Online YouTube videos that gives information about development news, holidays and special events, as well as eSports news. Other random news is also published and mentioned in weekly V-Logs as well, so make sure you subscribe to Tanki Online's V-Logs by turning on the notification bell to make sure you do not miss any upcoming news.

I am a huge fan of Tanki Online. This is a 3D multiplayer game that is played from all player from around the world. This is a Russian game where you get to battle on a battlefield with a tank. There are a combination of turrets and hulls available to choose from. Tanki Online is a game which is constantly being updated. Recently, a new hull named Crusader has been released. New turrets and hulls are developed from time to time, as well as other features and utilities to keep Tanki Online moving forward so that it does not lose reputation and shut down. Tanki Online was first developed in 2009, so it has now been a long lived game, which is a progressive game just like Windows 10 is continuously updated.

There are no age restrictions to play Tanki Online. However, there are some rules that you must obey to make sure that your gaming account or forum account does not get banned. Please read the rules before creating your Tanki Online gaming account and forum account. The rules are updated from time to time. Read all the rules thoroughly here: https://tankionline.com/en/rules/

Tanki Online had a counterpart game called Tanki X. This game did not do very good because it had a poor reputation. However, that dead game managed to survive for around four years. Here is the link to Tanki X, but its now closed for good: https://tankix.com/en/

The technology for this game that Tanki Online currently supports is Android mobile phone and HTML5. However, the Flash version of Tanki Online was permanently discontinued on the 1st December 2020, respectively. Read about the discontinuation of Flash below:


To play Tanki Online, you need to first create a new Tanki Online account by signing up on the link below. To use the Tanki Online forum, you also need to sign up there, using your in-game nickname. Make sure not to make spelling mistakes when creating your nickname or you will have trouble changing it, so think wisely before creating you Tanki Online gaming and forum nickname. Your nickname must be exactly the same for your Tanki Online gaming account and Tanki Online forum.

Play Tanki Online here: https://tankionline.com/en/

Tanki Online is looking for new players each and every day, so if you are interested in playing this dazzling game, click on the link above this paragraph to get started with your gaming account creation. Tanki Online is free to play at any time.

I already have a Tanki Online account that I have signed up for in April 2015. Ever since, I play every day to complete missions and have fun with my friends in matchmaking battles. Matchmaking battles are the only type of battles where you are able to successfully complete daily, weekly and special missions. My Tanki Online account nickname is RIDDLER_8 so come and join me in battles.

Here are my rating's profile page for "RIDDLER_8": https://ratings.tankionline.com/en/user/RIDDLER_8

You can also find my RIDDLER_8 account on the forum as well here: https://en.tankiforum.com/profile/498383-riddler_8/

Good luck for everyone who joins Tanki Online.

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

Tanki Online is a 3D Russian game. My gaming account nickname is RIDDLER_8 so come and join me in battles.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

I do play Tanki Online as well.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

Me too. I play Tanki Online every day of the year with the same account - RIDDLER_8 every day. I hope that users from the RealWorld website will join Tanki Online.

user icon Insane Games registered user on December 13th 2020

4.5 out of 5 stars.



user icon Bobcat registered user on December 14th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

They look cool. Finally something else than Scrabble Tiles lol. Apparently no one makes icons for now except you. :-D

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 14th 2020

Yes, its good to have something else. However, at some point, I would like to do two more scrabble tiles set. One, a transparent set and the other a rainbow set. I just need the required feature on their website in order for me to do that.

user icon Bobcat registered user on December 14th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

you can try editing it in the icon editor. Change the color manually
or fi you don't know or want, I can do it for you

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 14th 2020

I know that, but I don't have an option to make the background of scrabble tiles with rainbow colors or transparency.

user icon Bobcat registered user on December 14th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

Can't you draw the background? Or do you think it is going to take too much?

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 14th 2020

I did not draw the background. Those Tanki Online images are from the Tanki corporation. I did not make them, nor edited them.

user icon Anonymous