Negri's Art - sets #1-12

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Icon and cursor sets by Negri

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Cat paw Gray-Custom TeaserCat paw Gray-Custom Cursors
by Negri288This is a idea from the original Cat paw By SK original Cat Paw
Cat Paw ( terminated) Gray TeaserCat Paw ( terminated) Gray Cursors
by Negri2112This is my termnated cat paw!!! Idea by: Sk I love the cats and more ...
CatPaw-Brown TeaserCatPaw-Brown Cursors
by Negri260More cat paws for cat's lovers!!!
¡A lot of Cat Paws! Teaser¡A lot of Cat Paws! Cursors
by Negri892It is a very much cat pws for the fans cats
Mini "Lion" Paw TeaserMini "Lion" Paw Cursors
by Negri691A mini lion is come and he says MIAU!!! a new cat paw by Negri
CatHead-Gray TeaserCatHead-Gray Cursors
by Negri1347This is another of the ideas that inspired me from SK designer CAT GR...
CatHead_Brown TeaserCatHead_Brown Cursors
by Negri570Another cathead by Negri
Aero Green TeaserAero Green Cursors
by Negri1870a green aero is best but cat paw green nope xd I makit NO CUSTOM
Lime Aero TeaserLime Aero Cursors
by Negri704The busy cursor is beatifull!!
Aero Orange TeaserAero Orange Cursors
by Negri740A new Classic Aero thanks for you dowloads
Aero Purple Aero TeaserAero Purple Aero Cursors
by Negri66NEW AERO FOR Aero fans Gracias por descargar
by Negri1653Riddler ask me and this is the result ESTE ES mi mejor set hasta ahor...
I wish there were...
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