Solitary Jay's Art - sets #1-7

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Icon and cursor sets by Solitary Jay

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Solitary Jay - 3D Animal TeaserSolitary Jay - 3D Animal Icons
by Solitary Jay785Cute animals
Solitary Jay - 3D Chess TeaserSolitary Jay - 3D Chess Icons
by Solitary Jay493Nice piece
Solitary Jay - 3D RW Logo TeaserSolitary Jay - 3D RW Logo Icons
by Solitary Jay203i love realworld
Solitary Jay - 3D Mix Design TeaserSolitary Jay - 3D Mix Design Icons
by Solitary Jay551Random design
Solitary Jay - 3D Ninja TeaserSolitary Jay - 3D Ninja Icons
by Solitary Jay364Nin-jay Ass-asin
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