siabob007's Art - sets #1-20

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Icon and cursor sets by siabob007

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Dotdot TeaserDotdot Cursors
by siabob007178A cursor set similar to and inspired from half-life.
Crossdot TeaserCrossdot Cursors
by siabob0079563A crosshair-like cursor set
Crosshair TeaserCrosshair Cursors
by siabob0075062A crosshair set.
Cross TeaserCross Cursors
by siabob0077924A cross set. Not much else to say. I made it on the 16th of August wi...
Blocky TeaserBlocky Cursors
by siabob007336One I came up with.
PlayStation Crosshair TeaserPlayStation Crosshair Cursors
by siabob0072788This is based on the PlayStation controller buttons mixed with video ...
Xbox Crosshair TeaserXbox Crosshair Cursors
by siabob0079157This was requested after I posted the PlayStation cursor set, so here...
Playstation Shapes TeaserPlaystation Shapes Cursors
by siabob0072908Animated crosshair with changing PlayStation shapes and colours in th...
Snapchat TeaserSnapchat Cursors
by siabob0071891I was bored so I made the cute snapchat ghost into a cursor set. When...
Venom TeaserVenom Cursors
by siabob0071676Simple animated Venom pack NOTE** The 'help', 'move', 'unavailable' a...
Daft Punk TeaserDaft Punk Cursors
by siabob0071545Based on the Random Access Memories cover by Daft Punk! Spent 7 hours...
Deadmau5 TeaserDeadmau5 Cursors
by siabob007565Cursor set based on Deadmau5
Tiny TeaserTiny Cursors
by siabob007844I was bored so I made this in about 10 mins
Deadmau5 Helmets TeaserDeadmau5 Helmets Cursors
by siabob0071247I decided to separate the helmets, used in the normal select animatio...
Papers, Please TeaserPapers, Please Cursors
by siabob0075136The cursor set took directly from the game. I made a large and a smal...
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