fazmade112's Art - sets #1-16

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Icon and cursor sets by fazmade112

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a normal mouse Teasera normal mouse Cursors
by fazmade112670its not normal, its a meme! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
baldi 8-bit Teaserbaldi 8-bit Cursors
by fazmade11284want the baldi mouse? well here you go!
modern 8-bit Teasermodern 8-bit Cursors
by fazmade112611its only the new mouse, but 8-bit!
the glitched pack Teaserthe glitched pack Cursors
by fazmade112120LOL you can use this for a prank! or have this wierd... but wy do you...
the glitched pack V2 Teaserthe glitched pack V2 Cursors
by fazmade11295can be used for a prank!
by fazmade11243MINE THEN TIMMY WE RICH!!! (im not making a full one)
roblox memeys Teaserroblox memeys Icons
by fazmade1122457these are icons i made for my laptop. i find them to be funny, so i m...
laser mouse Teaserlaser mouse Cursors
by fazmade1121127ooh green and red lasers! this is high-tech!
roblox action pack! characters Teaserroblox action pack! characters Icons
by fazmade112495need some more life? players! buildings: http://www.rw-designer.com/i...
roblox action pack! props Teaserroblox action pack! props Icons
by fazmade11297need some building! characters: http://www.rw-designer.com/icon-set/r...
no Teaserno Cursors
by fazmade11234ill use this to delete old cursors
roblox BIGGERhead! Teaserroblox BIGGERhead! Cursors
by fazmade1121174this is some BIGGERhead cursors i made! ill make a full set soon. i w...
roblox BIGGERhead v2! Teaserroblox BIGGERhead v2! Cursors
by fazmade1121769this is the better version, ill make v3 (the full set and more extra ...
no / tiny Teaserno / tiny Cursors
by fazmade112473great for watching videos!
roblox memeys! Teaserroblox memeys! Cursors
by fazmade1121267this is like the roblox memeys! icons, but with cursors! [release] ad...
baldi's basics Teaserbaldi's basics Cursors
by fazmade112545i made some baldi's basics styled cursors. didnt post in this site fo...
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