CutePusheenLove's Art - sets #1-28

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Icon and cursor sets by CutePusheenLove

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Hot Dog TeaserHot Dog Cursors
by CutePusheenLove119Designed by me. Cute cursor set if you like food.
Smiley face collection TeaserSmiley face collection Cursors
by CutePusheenLove186Cute pink, yellow, and green smiley face cursors. Questions, comments...
Smiley face collection 2 TeaserSmiley face collection 2 Cursors
by CutePusheenLove109Cute smiley face cursors. Comments are welcomed.
Mushroom ombre TeaserMushroom ombre Cursors
by CutePusheenLove118Very cute. Has every single color (except for light pink). suggest mo...
Milkshake TeaserMilkshake Cursors
by CutePusheenLove177Cute milkshake set. 6 different flavors.
Milkshake #2 TeaserMilkshake #2 Cursors
by CutePusheenLove44Cute milkshake remake. 8 flavors.
Milkshake #3 TeaserMilkshake #3 Cursors
by CutePusheenLove122Cute milkshake cursors. 10 different flavors. Dedicated to Ember Moon...
Fruit cocktail TeaserFruit cocktail Cursors
by CutePusheenLove64Cute cocktail cursors. 6 different flavors
Most common commenters name TeaserMost common commenters name Cursors
by CutePusheenLove67Blue cursors for people who always look at my cursor sets!
Apple TeaserApple Cursors
by CutePusheenLove257Cute apple set. Includes every role. Please no negative comments. All...
Shadow TeaserShadow Cursors
by CutePusheenLove392Cool gigantic shadow cursors.
Name remake TeaserName remake Cursors
by CutePusheenLove110Cute cursors for my commenters. Enjoy!
Random cool TeaserRandom cool Cursors
by CutePusheenLove38Cool cursors. All drawn by hand.
Gaming TeaserGaming Cursors
by CutePusheenLove4725Cool gaming set. Has every color. Made on real world cursor editor.
Random cool #2 TeaserRandom cool #2 Cursors
by CutePusheenLove106This cursor set contains 6 cursors. Some have hotspots that are off, ...
warm color Shadow Teaserwarm color Shadow Cursors
by CutePusheenLove851This set of cursors are warm colors only. If you want it bigger, chan...
cool #3 Teasercool #3 Cursors
by CutePusheenLove1171They are cursors made on real world cursor designer. 6 cursors includ...
Gradient colorful TeaserGradient colorful Cursors
by CutePusheenLove3223This set has 6 different colorful cursors. They were drawn on the rea...
Virus and bacteria cells TeaserVirus and bacteria cells Cursors
by CutePusheenLove376Cool cursors. Coronavirus related
Kawaii Axolotl TeaserKawaii Axolotl Cursors
by CutePusheenLove1607Cute Axolotl Cursors. Full 15 piece set, please leave a rating :)
Christmas Ornament TeaserChristmas Ornament Cursors
by CutePusheenLove154Cute Red and Green Ornament Cursors. Submission for TOTM Christmas 20...
Warm Gradient Triangle TeaserWarm Gradient Triangle Cursors
by CutePusheenLove29Animated Warm Gradient Triangle Cursors. This is my first animated cu...
(READ DESCRIPTION!) Kawaii Green Dino Teaser(READ DESCRIPTION!) Kawaii Green Dino Cursors
by CutePusheenLove1701)I do not know why it appears blurry on the website, it is much clea...
(READ DESCRIPTION!) Kawaii Green Dino Teaser(READ DESCRIPTION!) Kawaii Green Dino Cursors
by CutePusheenLove11951) Cursors appear blurry on the website, but they are actually much c...
Rilakkuma TeaserRilakkuma Cursors
by CutePusheenLove2249Cute Rilakkuma cursors :)
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