Dhruvesh's Art - sets #1-12

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Icon and cursor sets by Dhruvesh

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Windows 95 Blue TeaserWindows 95 Blue Cursors
by Dhruvesh162My first cursors. I tried my best
Black And Colours TeaserBlack And Colours Cursors
by Dhruvesh5796These are the Black And Colours cursor set but there is only normal s...
Gaming TeaserGaming Cursors
by Dhruvesh2536When you are going to play games you can get these cusors:)
Operating System TeaserOperating System Cursors
by Dhruvesh175differant operating system cursors
Windows 95 Collection TeaserWindows 95 Collection Cursors
by Dhruvesh214These are the collection of windows 95 cursors. Now You can pick a ra...
Countryball TeaserCountryball Cursors
by Dhruvesh320So you watch countryballs and want it's cursor? So get this set!
Logos TeaserLogos Cursors
by Dhruvesh136Differant Logos
Windows 98 Collection TeaserWindows 98 Collection Cursors
by Dhruvesh424Again you can pick a random one.
Unavailable TeaserUnavailable Cursors
by Dhruvesh281All the unavailable cursors!
Countryballs 2 TeaserCountryballs 2 Cursors
by Dhruvesh264The sequel of the Original Countryballs Cursors! This also includes t...
Red Circle TeaserRed Circle Cursors
by Dhruvesh310A red circle set. (Warning: This are sometimes boring.)
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