M9ICH's Art - sets #1-29

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Icon and cursor sets by M9ICH

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Osu best TeaserOsu best Cursors
by M9ICH1188
sharingan Teasersharingan Cursors
by M9ICH3431
3d Teaser3d Cursors
by M9ICH183here is a link to the second part of the pack http://www.rw-designer....
cool pack Teasercool pack Cursors
by M9ICH215Autors: https://custom-cursor.com/ru/top-downloaded-cursors
Red glowing TeaserRed glowing Cursors
by M9ICH659I took a set of cursors from another author on this site and used the...
MacOS mini pack TeaserMacOS mini pack Cursors
by M9ICH3692Original pack: https://www.deviantart.com/antiden/art/macOS-cursors-f...
Launa Aero XP TeaserLauna Aero XP Cursors
by M9ICH485Guys, rummaged through the Deviant Art site and found these cool curs...
cb Teasercb Cursors
by M9ICH54
Blur win 7 TeaserBlur win 7 Cursors
by M9ICH568Made with Realworld Cursor Editor. I've been using this program for q...
osu Teaserosu Cursors
by M9ICH6517The site from which I made cursors: https://osuskinner.com/interface/...
Seven Senses of the Re Union TeaserSeven Senses of the Re Union Cursors
by M9ICH1698Author: https://vsthemes.org/cursors/48502-seven-senses-of-the-re-uni...
Mini shadow win 10 TeaserMini shadow win 10 Cursors
by M9ICH262I made these cursors myself.
Mini pack from my PC ☺ TeaserMini pack from my PC ☺ Cursors
by M9ICH2448This is just a small part of my collection of cursors (of all time) c...
osu hearts Teaserosu hearts Cursors
by M9ICH2001I was often asked to make colored versions of hearts, and in the end ...
apple dot Teaserapple dot Cursors
by M9ICH76well, what can i say, a pack of cursors like from an iPad
super ultra small Teasersuper ultra small Cursors
by M9ICH194I suddenly wanted to create cursors for people who love super small c...
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