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dragon full helm Teaserdragon full helm Cursors
by Armadyl253this is my first few cursors. it was really fun to make. hope u enjoy.

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user icon Teddy registered user on November 27th 2009

hey armadyl
watch for this cursor set:
armadyl's revenge
i think u'll like these cursors
ah and don't be surprised about my spelling im german lol
have fun
nice helmets!

user icon Anonymous on January 5th 2010

nazi bastard

user icon Teddy registered user on April 25th 2010

What the . . . ?

Omfg u dont even now what nazis are!
Germany isnt rassistic anymore!

If anyone just says 'there was no holocaust' he gets arrested for years!

Who the fuck are you that you can call ME a nazi basterd?!

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?