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I'll make you a custom cursor if you leave a comment on my profile. I'm afraid I don't check all that often, but I'll get around to it eventually ;-)

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Pastel Girl Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on May 4th 2019 by Ceemo

A Pastel Anime Girl set. So Cute!

I hope you enjoy!

Latest art

Touka Kirishima TeaserTouka Kirishima Cursors
by Ceemo2063A request for Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul.
Juuzou Suzuya TeaserJuuzou Suzuya Cursors
by Ceemo2389A request for Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul.
Pastel Girl TeaserPastel Girl Cursors
by Ceemo3293A Pastel Anime Girl set. So Cute! I hope you enjoy!
Ken Kakuja Form TeaserKen Kakuja Form Cursors
by Ceemo4669A request for Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul in his Masked Kakuja form. ...
Ken Kaneki TeaserKen Kaneki Cursors
by Ceemo17kA request for Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul the Anime. I hope you enjoy...
Rin Okumura TeaserRin Okumura Cursors
by Ceemo8365Rin Okumura from the anime Blue Exorcist
MoonDance TeaserMoonDance Cursors
by Ceemo971Moondance from Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders.
1up Teaser1up Cursors
by Ceemo6961up mushrooms for my young Mario lover.
Fire TeaserFire Cursors
by Ceemo1798I never could find a fire cursor I liked so I made my own. XD
Danziva TeaserDanziva Cursors
by Ceemo433A male version of my Ceemo cursors.

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user icon Sugi registered user on February 19th 2021

Can you make any haikyuu character cursors? I was looking for one soo I feel like I want to request you my simp (s) are ok (Simps Kuroo or akaashi) :-) thank you! you don't have to do this :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 23rd 2021

can you plz make naruto :-)

user icon Kemto registered user on July 23rd 2021

hello! can you make asta from black clover? i love ur creations! :-D

user icon Anonymous on August 29th 2021

Hello Ceemo!!! Can you make us animated Adventure time cartoon cursor set like you did on kaneki cursor please I love it btw :-D

user icon Anonymous on October 6th 2021

can you make a ice cursor like the fire 1 pls!

user icon Anonymous on May 17th 2022

HEYYY CEEMO!!! could you PLEEEEEEEEASE make yuyu Hakusho
SPECIFICALLY HIEI and gengar cursers

user icon Looo registered user on September 10th 2022

Can you please make batman cursors set

user icon Anonymous on July 24th 2023

loved your ken kaneki design. Haven't seen anything like it ever. thank you <3

user icon doll registered user on August 24th 2023

can u do a Satou Matsuzaka anime please thanks

user icon Anonymous on August 27th 2023

Hairu Ihei :-)

user icon Anonymous
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