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little about me? Well I enjoy making stuff and computer graphics all-around. Id love to have a job some day making stuff for someone but I'm not holding my breath. Graduated collage in 99 (computer science of course), Married father of 4. I use Blender mostly, a little Gimp and PSP (ya i know, Paint Shop Pro! WOW! thats old stuff-but it still works). About my nickname ZeloZelos, well its Native Indian for cricket-as in the bug- Ive always been fond of the letter Z and theres 2 in it. And my name is sooooo common...so I decided to have an on line persona i guess. Not exactly but try getting an email address or even a login to most sites with the name Ed Smith...then try and remember the email address : EDSMITH95482458720345823@somemailserver.com ...I think you get the point....rofl ;-)

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Animated Rainbow Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on October 14th 2014 by ZeloZelos

A moving rainbow of colors all with shadows and look awesome with games and such.

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Rims TeaserRims Cursors
by ZeloZelos443A set of car rims -but without tires. They spin and most have chrome ...
Animated Rainbow TeaserAnimated Rainbow Cursors
by ZeloZelos2944A moving rainbow of colors all with shadows and look awesome with gam...
Gold Galoo II TeaserGold Galoo II Cursors
by ZeloZelos1119This is a remake of the Gold Galoo set I made a while ago. I lost the...
Black Recycle Bins TeaserBlack Recycle Bins Icons
by ZeloZelos1310The name says it all. It was made with Windows 7 in mind not sure how...
Glowin Green Trash Cans TeaserGlowin Green Trash Cans Icons
by ZeloZelos107Trash cans I made for a Docky (Cairo Dock) theme. I have been using t...
Purple Code TeaserPurple Code Cursors
by ZeloZelos1758The Purple Code cursor set. This set started out with a blinking curs...
Bio Green Hazard TeaserBio Green Hazard Cursors
by ZeloZelos6094This set is inspired by my new tattoo- Its a black light glowing gree...
Hearts TeaserHearts Cursors
by ZeloZelos2550Its a set of hearts and a rainbow for fun, and a request from my wife.
Rusty TeaserRusty Cursors
by ZeloZelos1284Its a set of rusty cursors. Red, Blue, Black and Green. All with buil...
Purple Pointers TeaserPurple Pointers Cursors
by ZeloZelos1445A space ship looking pointer with glowing and lasers and transparenci...

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