Mr X's Art - sets #1-40

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Icon and cursor sets by Mr X

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Flames Multi Color 2 TeaserFlames Multi Color 2 Cursors
by Mr X524Flames Multi Color 2
Fire TeaserFire Cursors
by Mr X1489Fire Cursors
Common TeaserCommon Cursors
by Mr X985A Common Basic Set But With Rotating Colors
Flames Multi Color TeaserFlames Multi Color Cursors
by Mr X65Thanks For Downloading.
Hypnotic TeaserHypnotic Cursors
by Mr X256Hypnotic
Full Arrow Spinning Color TeaserFull Arrow Spinning Color Cursors
by Mr X704Full Arrow Spinning Color
3D Spin Teaser3D Spin Cursors
by Mr X6683d Spinning Arrows With Rotating Color
Exploding TeaserExploding Cursors
by Mr X402Exploding Cursors
3D Rotating Triangle Teaser3D Rotating Triangle Cursors
by Mr X4683D Rotating Triangle Cursors
Gradient TeaserGradient Cursors
by Mr X562Gradient Spinning Cursors
Curved Spinning Arrow TeaserCurved Spinning Arrow Cursors
by Mr X199Curved Spinning Arrow
Blue Purple Red Green TeaserBlue Purple Red Green Cursors
by Mr X168Blue Purple Red Green enjoy
Flames Multi Color TeaserFlames Multi Color Cursors
by Mr X359Flames Multi Color
Super Arrow TeaserSuper Arrow Cursors
by Mr X320Super Arrow
Inner Spin TeaserInner Spin Cursors
by Mr X263Inner Spin
Color Blast TeaserColor Blast Cursors
by Mr X211Color Blast
Dual Arrow TeaserDual Arrow Cursors
by Mr X368Dual Arrow Look best on a darker wallpaper
Wavy 2 TeaserWavy 2 Cursors
by Mr X250Wavy 2
Rocket With Fire TeaserRocket With Fire Cursors
by Mr X134Rocket With Fire
Flat Triangle TeaserFlat Triangle Cursors
by Mr X134Flat Triangle
Square Madness TeaserSquare Madness Cursors
by Mr X120Square Madness
Wavy 3 TeaserWavy 3 Cursors
by Mr X259Wavy 3
Rotating Arrow TeaserRotating Arrow Cursors
by Mr X79Rotating Arrow
3d Arrow Spin Teaser3d Arrow Spin Cursors
by Mr X2663d Arrow Spin Revised
Simple Arrow TeaserSimple Arrow Cursors
by Mr X638Simple Arrow
Plasma TeaserPlasma Cursors
by Mr X346Plasma
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