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Im just a guy that always wanted to create his own cursors, i guess my dream came true!

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MobiusCyan Cursors (12 cursors)

Released on September 2nd 2017 by Mobius

A cursor set done with my favorite color.


11/09/17: Wow! 731 Downloads, thanks guys!

05/10/17 O.O 2000 Downloads, this is amazing!

06/10/18 Almost 4000 Downloads, i've gotta admit, i don't really understand what you people see from those cursors that make you guys think they are good, i actually think i´ve made better cursors that are much better. However, anyway thank you all for your ratings and downloads, i will probably make some more cursors, i actually made a cursor set, however my pc damaged and i lost them, i will try to remake them . My name is Mobius and goodbye.


Latest art

Dark Revolutionnaire TeaserDark Revolutionnaire Cursors
by Mobius1905A remake of my First Cursor set (Black and Green cursors)
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Dark Matter TeaserDark Matter Cursors
by Mobius5498Have you ever wondered, "How a cursor made of Dark Matter would look?...
MobiusCyan TeaserMobiusCyan Cursors
by Mobius4629A cursor set done with my favorite color. Enjoy! 11/09/17: Wow! 731 D...
Black And Green TeaserBlack And Green Cursors
by Mobius1205This is the first cursor set i have done, i was like half a day doing...

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Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on September 3rd 2017

i love your cursors

user icon RIDDLER registered user on March 28th 2018

Thank you so much for making the pink cursors set "Sweet As Cake". Please can you make more complete cursors sets like this in more colors. I want the colors to be solid colors. I am looking for to have each set look like the default Windows 7 Aero cursors, but each set in a different color.

Well done for all your wonderful creativity in making those cursor set. Please make more. Thank you so much.

user icon Anonymous on May 31st 2021

great cursors :-)

user icon Anonymous on January 14th 2022

i love your designs!

user icon Anonymous
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