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Here are some emojis you can use! To insert one, type [[cursor:<number>]]
Angel: 124112 Angry: 124113 Laughing Crying: 124114 Money Bag: 124115
Crying: 124116 Cool: 124117 Devil: 124118 Smiling: 124119
R.O.F.L.: 124120 Smiling Sun: 124121 Tongue out: 124122 Love Face: 124123
Star-struck: 124124 Thumbs-up: 124083 Thumbs-down: 124272 Hug: 124273
Wink: 124274 Thinking: 124275 Yawn: 124276 Giggling: 124277
Barfing: 124278 Zipper-mouth: 124279 Sad: 124280 Face-palm: 124281
Clapping: 124282
Examples: cursor-124282 cursor-124120 cursor-124083 cursor-124113 cursor-124272 cursor-124281 cursor-124275

I might be other places too...

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Sadly, Tetris Friends is shut down. Click here to learn more.

You should check out...

Emoji Cursors: By me > cursor-124083
Mr Mouse Cursors: By me > cursor-124271
KittyKata12 Cursors: By me > cursor-124471
Nucleus Re-Materialized ⚫ Cursors: By AJaxx > cursor-122905
Vigyori 2 Cursors: By DanFox >cursor-123398
☝ Hand ☝ Cursors: By me > cursor-124544
Infinity Gauntlet Cursors: By me > cursor-125354
AiAi Cursors: By me > cursor-135338


Key: ▪ Before Today ▫ Today

▪ Today I released my Infinity Gauntlet Cursors. When I was done with the set, I decided I'm not going to add long names to my cursors. Example: Apple Link Select.ani Instead, I'll be using short names. Like: banananormal.cur
▪ Today I noticed Tetris Friends has been shut down. Type #RIPTETRISFRIENDS to pay your respect. Click here to learn more.
▫ I decided I'm going to stop making Pirate Select cursors for my sets, they're only for Linux, nobody ever uses it, and it's a waste of my time ;-;

Featured art


KittyKata12 Cursors (16 cursors)

Released on April 11th 2019 by KittyKata12

These are cursors using my logo, for cursors! They also have unique facial expressions!

Latest art

AiAi TeaserAiAi Cursors
by KittyKata12496Cool! Now you can have an AiAi on your desktop! This famous Super Mon...
Roblox Animation Poll TeaserRoblox Animation Poll Cursors
by KittyKata1260I need your help. On Roblox, I don't know whether to get the Ninja An...
Infinity Gauntlet TeaserInfinity Gauntlet Cursors
by KittyKata122555Thanos snapped half of RealWorld Graphics out of existence! Oh, and s...
☝ Hand ☝ Teaser☝ Hand ☝ Cursors
by KittyKata121479The Link Select cursor has taken over! Dun dun duuuuuuun!!!
KittyKata12 TeaserKittyKata12 Cursors
by KittyKata121277These are cursors using my logo, for cursors! They also have unique f...
Mr Mouse TeaserMr Mouse Cursors
by KittyKata121705These cursors have unique faces, and sometimes limbs!
Emoji TeaserEmoji Cursors
by KittyKata121864These are Twemoji Cursors that are free to use! Enjoy! [[cursor:124083]]

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I was just making a test comment to see if everything was working okay.

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Nice photo!

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Thanks! :-D

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cursor-124281 cursor-124275

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wat [cursor: 124114]

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Try [[cursor:<number>]]


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