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DANNYboii (2020-11-24 12:43:47):

Nice cursors bro :-D

RIDDLER (2020-12-19 17:50:36):

I like all your cursor sets. Keep making them in every color.

Unknown author (2021-03-25 20:45:11):

Perfect work! :-)

TheDreamAchrone (2021-03-27 00:37:46):

papaya arrugada, muy fresco 8-)

Unknown author (2021-04-03 17:57:29):


Unknown author (2021-04-08 08:50:56):

오우 여보세요 나야 너는 잘 지내니~~

Noah (2021-04-20 21:10:55):

Hey can you check out my cursor I made?

Unknown author (2021-04-24 22:22:23):

nice broo

nightklp (2021-04-27 10:07:53):

Im Impress of your Feiry cursor cursor-teaser/fiery.png image

i saw your secret skill xd |-)

ANTONIAcrack287 (2021-04-29 20:52:14):


it´s no cool but is good |-)

Unknown author (2021-04-30 01:29:07):

I love your fiery cursors. I have every one of them! :-)

♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-07-19 10:33:34):

Oh shit it's not good ugly cursors your cursors are like pile of poops

:-o :-(

Phantom (2021-07-23 16:29:44):

Really liyanado
you should try uploading cursors, its not easy especially when you make a whole set.
You can talk trash when you make a set.

Unknown author (2021-07-25 14:04:53):

:-D ;-)

♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-08-02 12:34:22):
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
nibbler (2021-09-08 04:24:38):


nightklp (2021-10-11 14:02:15):


nibbler (2021-10-17 16:39:39):


rsrc/bored.png image
Get a job, Ness.

Phantom (2021-10-26 19:27:09):

There are 5 more days until the TOTM ends.
Prizes are waiting for participants, and winners!

Unknown author (2021-11-13 01:37:29):

nice job bro ;-) AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol make a blue fire set pls and thanks i have downloaded ur green set thanks

:-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2022-03-08 22:50:28):

they are okay. but cool


Unknown author (2022-11-25 13:04:51):


ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ (2023-02-11 14:14:52):


Unknown author (2023-02-12 13:57:00):

can you make one in purple?

Unknown author (2023-10-16 08:50:45):


Unknown author (2024-02-26 00:12:44):

Nigga your ugly fucker bitchh nigga

Unknown author (2024-02-29 09:48:05):


Walker BG (2024-03-03 01:56:14):

Anonymous shut yo mouth up. U have to be anonymous cuz ur dad left, yo mom don't love u, and ur sister abandon u so u don't wanna face the embarrassment of ur depression online.

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