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just download it

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MINECRAFT ENCHANTED ITEMS 2021 Cursors (32 cursors)

Released on December 2nd 2021 by BAZZI

i hope this Cursor will be Useful for you guys



for everyone

update note:
December 2nd 2021 (pickaxes, apple, book, axe)
December 3rd 2021 (trident)
December 4th 2021 (Crossbow, Swords)
December 5th 2021 (Mining Pickaxe)
December 7th 2021 (Bow,Netherite sword/axe)
December 8th 2021 (Netherite Pickaxe)
December 9th 2021 (Diamond Axe normal/chopping)
December 22th 2021(Sword swings and slices)
December 23th 2021(Shears&Shovels)


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user icon Anonymous on December 2nd 2021

thx very much

user icon Anonymous on December 20th 2021

can you make enchanted shears plz.
:-D :-) :-) :-D

i would love to see those :-D

user icon BAZZI registered user on December 22nd 2021

wat how can shears be enchanted LOL :-D
sure ill make the shears 8-)

who use the Shears as a cursor anyways :-)

user icon Anonymous on January 4th 2022

can you make some cursors about spaceflight simulator :-D
it would mean a lot :-D

user icon Anonymous on January 5th 2022

u there?

can u make a spaceflight simulator cursor


user icon BAZZI registered user on January 13th 2022

i tried but it can't make it into cursors cuz it will be bad resolutionz, sorry bro

user icon Anonymous on January 17th 2022

that ok

user icon Anonymous on September 1st 2022

Can you make normal unenchanted netherite items?

user icon Anonymous on January 14th

Can you make a enchanted netherite sword slice? And enchanted pickaxe netherite mining? :-D

user icon Anonymous on January 28th


user icon Anonymous
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