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Look at my deviantart profile at I put my other works there, pictures, photos, etc.

You can look at my deviantart portfolio too.


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Tangled Cursors (16 cursors)

Released on March 3rd 2014 by Sirea

Complete cursor set inspired by the Tangled movie. I really like this movie, so I created cursor set, which I would like to use myself.

Look to my Tangled icon set.

Latest art

Blue Circle TeaserBlue Circle Cursors
by Sirea1243Complete cursor set. I used the glow effect and two different blue co...
Green Arrow TeaserGreen Arrow Cursors
by Sirea1980Modified version of my Red Arrow cursor set with two different animat...
Red Arrow TeaserRed Arrow Cursors
by Sirea2805Complete cursor set with red arrow. Green version
Sims TeaserSims Cursors
by Sirea3170Complete cursor set in green-yellow style. I used green Diamond from ...
Purple Star TeaserPurple Star Cursors
by Sirea811Complete cursor set in purple-violet style. This set was inspired by ...
RoboCop TeaserRoboCop Cursors
by Sirea18kComplete cursor set inspired by RoboCop helmet picture from new movie...
Tangled TeaserTangled Icons
by Sirea219Icon set inspired by Tangled movie. I used these icons in my Tangled ...
Tangled TeaserTangled Cursors
by Sirea1314Complete cursor set inspired by the Tangled movie. I really like this...
XCOM TeaserXCOM Cursors
by Sirea1696Complete cursor set inspired by XCOM Enemy Within game. I used colors...
Nautical TeaserNautical Cursors
by Sirea819Complete cursor set inspired by a sea, sailors, sea boats and animals...

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user icon Anonymous on May 8th

Assassins Creed Cursors pls :-)

user icon Sirea gallery moderator on May 13th

I have never played Assassins games. I will try to make cursors when I will have time.

user icon Anonymous on May 15th


user icon Anonymous on May 20th

Hi siara

user icon Anonymous on May 29th

make minecraft

user icon Anonymous on June 1st

Sirea. I must say, you are very good at what you do. I'm very satisfied and my favorite cursors were Skyrim! Keep it up! Thank you. :-)

user icon Sirea gallery moderator on June 1st

Thank you :-)

user icon Anonymous on June 22nd

Siera! I love your normal Cursor most. It is so simple and efficient. So much contrast, red white an the black shape. I need it for my pupils, so they con see my Cursor better. I would like to have your cursor four times bigger but I think this is difficult for the operating system. Nevertheless thanks for your cursor.
Gernot from Austria

user icon Chief RedFeather registered user on June 24th

I have seen you put a lot of work into your cursors and icons. What I suggest, though, is that when you make a cursor, the "link select" cursor should look like an arrow or maybe a hand, because I've seen some of your sets where the link select cursor looks more like a "busy" or "working in background" cursor than a link select cursor. Not trying to be too harsh, just making suggestions. I have seen you make link select cursors look like arrows or whatnot in later sets, and that's what I prefer in a set. Thanks for your time.

-Chief RedFeather

user icon Sirea gallery moderator on September 28th

To Chief: Thanks for suggestion, I will try to keep it mind when I will prepare next set. But sometimes it is hard to make "hand" cursor in the same style as the rest of the set.

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
I wish there were...