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Lucky day

icon-image/7232-48x48x32.png image I found out that new Avengers movie is coming. :-)

Hearts collection

Valentines day is coming. I will try to add new hearts in to my 3D collection Any idea?

Hooping Penguin thumbnail

Hooping Penguin

My last animation, I tried to combine my two favorite things - Penguin and Hoop. Here is the result. Use Mozilla Firefox if you want to see animation.

World Penguin Day thumbnail

World Penguin Day

Next Friday is World Penguin Day. You can learn something new about them.

Frozen cursors update thumbnail

Frozen cursors update

I've finished the Olaf 3D model in RWIE. It is really simple, without textures, etc. But I think for cursors and icons it will be OK, maybe a little complicated than needed. You can see result on picture below.

Tangled and Frozen cursors

I posted the complete cursor set inspired by Tangled movie on the beginning of this month. You can see it here. I really love this movie. I hope I will add the Tangled icons too. Let me know via comment, if you have some idea for the icons. I'll appreciate it.

Template for Card Creator - tutorial

Learn how to create template for Card Creator with my new video.

New templates for Card Creator thumbnail

New templates for Card Creator

rsrc/happy-birthday-red.png image rsrc/flowers.png image Hi, I added some new templates for Card Creator. For more information look to this page:

How to use cursors from Gallery?

If you have problem with changing cursors on your computer, maybe my new video will be help for you.

User icon - tutorial thumbnail

User icon - tutorial

Maybe some of you noticed that I have a new user icon.

New Redraw Technique thumbnail

New Redraw Technique

My last icon set included redrawn icon of actors from the Doctor Who series. I was thinking about improving my skill in redrawing photos. I tried to redraw the photo of Jim Parson. He is best known as Sheldon Cooper, the main character of the Big Bang theory series. You can see the result below.

New User Icons

some of you have surely registered the Personal Icons on this website. For more information visit this page.

Valentine's Day

You have only 10 days for preparing for Valentine's Day. Try to prepare carefully. You can use this web. Find Love icons in icon gallery or cursors in cursor gallery and customize your computer (or computer of your darling).

Happy New Year.

Thank you for comments, ratings and support for my work. I am ill again, so I cant work on my icons. I promise in this year I try create more icons and cursor.

XCOM Enemy Unkown

I added new cursor yesterday. It is cursor for normal role inspired by the remake version of the Ufo game.
cursor-view/45317.png image

Chess Icons thumbnail

Chess Icons

I adedd new icon set inspired by Chess Titans game from Windows 7

Doctor Who icon set

Long promised icon set inspired by Doctor Who was added. I create these icons to more coplicated, with more details... icon-view/7468.png image

I added new heart to my Heart collection icon-view/7317.png image

Nyan Cat Heart

Last month I added complete cursor set with Nyan Cat. Today I have something for Nyan Cat fans again. I added the Nyan Cat Heart icon-view/7288.png image to my Hearts icon set.

Nyan Cat Cursors thumbnail

Nyan Cat Cursors

I added the Nyan Cat Cursors yesterday. cursor-view/40737-32.png image

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