Vector select tool

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Vector select tool

rsrc/vectorselect-tool.png image VECTORSELECT is a specialized drawing tool usable in vector editor only. It can be used to select one or more objects in a vector layer and to move, scale or rotate these objects.

How to select objects

Switch to a vector layer and then click on any element in that layer. Only elements in the currently selected layer can be selected this way - if there are multiple vector layers in your image, elements in other layers will be visible, but cannot be selected.

To select multiple objects at once, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key and click objects. While holding SHIFT, clicked objects are added to the selection; with CTRL key down, already selected objects are unselected.

The Objects panel in the Editing tab can be used for selecting objects as well.

How to transform objects

While one or more objects are selected, they can be moved by dragging them with the mouse. If the SHIFT key is pressed, the objects will be rotated and scaled instead of moved.

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