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View plug-ins

View plug-ins visualize and allow interactive modification of data in the active document. The view plug-ins are capable of determining if the view is suitable for a particular document and the plug-in can create an instance of a window.

A view may have a configuration and each view can make use of other views.

List of views by document type

Common views

  • Area Splitter - divide the window into two or four areas. Each area can host any view (determined by configuration).
  • Tabs - host any number of views, but only one of them can be visible at one time. The visible view can be switched by clicking on a tab or using menu commands Tabs - Controller.
  • Panels - host any number of views, the views are arranged into one column and each view can be collapsed or expanded.
  • Toolbar - display menu commands in a band with buttons positioned by the top of a window.

Image views

  • Image - Viewer
  • Image - EXIF
  • Image - EXIF Tag
  • Raster Image - 2D Editor
  • Raster Image - Color Picker
  • Raster Image - Edit Tool Properties
  • Raster Image - Fill Style Properties

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