Raster Image - Watermark

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Raster Image - Watermark

The Watermark operation is an operation plug-in, which works with raster images and adds a specified image or a text to the original image.

rsrc/watermark-operation-config.png image

The placement of the added object is specified in percents. Setting the values to 0% will put the watermark in top/left corner while setting it to 100% will place it in the bottom/right corner. It is also possible to add a margin (specified in pixels) to the object and the margin is considered part of the object changing its native size.

The watermark can be either text or image. In any case it is possible to set a master transparency value. If the watermark is to be an image, it is necessary to specify a full path that image in the configuration. In case of text watermark, there are many more options.

Text watermarks use selected font, they can be italic and/or bold and shadow can be placed under the text to make it more legible (the shadow will be either black or white depending on the color of the letters). The text can also be rotated by any angle in range -180 to 180 degrees. Finally, the size of the used font can either be specified in pixels or it may be automatically computed as percentage of the image size.

The watermarked text can consist of multiple lines with given alignment and the placeholders can be used:

  • %% - prints a single % sign
  • %FILENAME% - name of the processed image without extension ("filename" if unavailable)
  • %FILEFOLDER% - path to the folder with processed image with trailing / ("folder/" if unavailable)
  • %FILEEXT% - extension of the processed image ("ext" if unavailable)
  • %FILEPATH% - full path (including folder, name and extension) to the processed image ("fullpath" if unavailable)
  • %EXIF-TagName% - value of an EXIF tag as text (empty string if tag is unavailable); for example using %EXIF-Model% will print the name of the digital camera used to shoot the image, for example "NIKON D50".

If more flexibility is needed, it is possible to used the JavaScript operation and call the Watermark filter from there with parameters computed on the fly.


GUID: B840563F-6365-40EB-9438-1F84DB5B808F

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
PosXinteger1000-100%horizontal position
PosYinteger1000-100%vertical position
Opacityinteger1000-100%0=completely transparent
Typeinteger00=text, 1=image
Imagestring""path to the watermark imageonly used if Type is 1
Textstring"%FILENAME%"only used if Type is 0
Fontstring"Arial"only used if Type is 0
Colorinteger0x68e0e8RGB in 8bit hexadecimal (web) formatonly used if Type is 0
Boldboolfalseonly used if Type is 0
Italicboolfalseonly used if Type is 0
Shadowboolfalseonly used if Type is 0
Angleinteger0-180 to 180 degreesonly used if Type is 0
Alignmentinteger20=left, 1=center, 2=rightonly used if Type is 0
SizeTypeinteger00=absolute, 1=relativeonly used if Type is 0
AbsSizeinteger16pixelsonly used if Type is 0 and SizeType is 0
RelSizefloat2.0%only used if Type is 0 and SizeType is 1

Recent comments

user icon Knighty registered user on August 23rd 2014

How do I save a standard water mark for re use?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on August 23rd 2014

Not sure what you are asking. The command remembers the last configuration, so you can reuse it just by using it again. If you are asking how do you create a new watermark, you just need to type in the text or create an image file, place it anywhere on your computer and then specify the path to that image file while running the command.

user icon Anonymous on January 20th 2015

How to resize watermark image?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 20th 2015

Open the watermark, use Image -> Resize, save is as a new image, use the new image as a new watermark.

user icon Anonymous on February 20th 2016


user icon Vlasta site administrator on February 20th 2016

Hard to test. Does it work?

user icon Anonymous on June 18th 2018

Una vez puesta una marca de agua, se puede modificar?

user icon Anonymous on January 9th 2021

Is it possible to batch process watermarking?

user icon Anonymous
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