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It might look like a screenshot, but it is not. Just pick a drawing tool and start painting your cursor directly in the browser.

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my-mouse-pointer.cur - Online Cursor Creator
Mode:Blend pixelsReplace pixels Tools:PencilEraserLineRectangleEllipse
Hot spotFlood fillDropper Effects:ColorizeDrop shadow
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Saturation+Luminance Hues Alpha
File name: .cur Tip: Click the question mark to learn how to use this tool... -> Geeky

Getting started

Do not be afraid to experiment. Start by clicking on the canvas, move your mouse while holding the left mouse button down to draw a continuous line. Try out the other tools. When ready, hit the big Download button and save your cursor. Also, learn how to customize your cursor.

Sharing your work

If you are logged-in you may add your cursor to the cursor library by clicking 'Publish' button in the Gallery mini-panel. You can also edit your cursors that are present in the gallery. Visit the page of your cursor and click the 'Edit picture' link on that page.

Need more power?

RealWorld Cursor Editor allows you to create animated cursors and is more comfortable to use. And free!

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user icon Anonymous on April 16th

do you have to dowload it?

user icon Anonymous on April 16th


user icon Anonymous on April 16th

howdo u animate the coursor ?

user icon Anonymous on April 17th


user icon Anonymous on April 17th

how can i use it

user icon Anonymous on April 17th

so you need to create then download then go to start then type in mouse then click mouse then click pointers then go on browse then desktop then go to the download thing at the top then drag it to mouse! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on April 17th

I have my minecraft sword cursor :-D/ Tengo mi cursor de minecraft :-D

user icon janelle<3viceganda registered user on April 18th

how to add photo

user icon Anonymous yesterday

holaaaaaaa adoro esta pagina :-D

user icon Anonymous about 9 hours ago

Como se hace para ponerlo? :-( :-( |-) |-)

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...