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Unknown author (2022-07-13 10:08:25):

I'm still locked out of my rw-designer account, because my new password is too long :-(. You should have an email from me (LoganDark). Did you miss it?

Vlasta (2022-07-13 12:00:13):

I did not receive it, but I have sent you an email moment ago.

LoganDark (2022-07-13 12:22:20):

I used your contact form to send the email. Might want to double check that it is working. I used the "rw-designer - web site problem" category.

cubydude (2022-07-13 14:22:25):


Unknown author (2022-07-14 20:50:28):

good changes

RIDDLER (2022-07-20 05:07:59):

The RealWorld cursor Editor will need to be updated. This is the software that I use all the time. Please add all the missing cursor wizards with all the cursor roles and multiple settings so that users can control how they wish to make their cursors. That also involves making animated cursors on the fly.

ATT (2022-07-20 15:31:39):

Is the cursor editor also going to be updated sometime in the future?

GodRage (2022-07-21 22:28:59):

Hi :-) Idea suggestion:
There is the "tile" option for Moving (Move > Wrap), but this option seems missing with other tools:
- an option to "tile" on the background. (image repeat itself instead of dark background)
- drawing outside the zone would then draw in the zone.

I hope you will have time to add it in RWPaint, because it will helps a lot for making tiling texture for any open-source game, or for modding, or even for Mineraft. :-)

Vlasta (2022-07-21 22:36:36):

Are you talking about the "Wrap" mode of the "Move" tool? It is nontrivial to enable it for vector layer, but it should be there for raster layers.

Unknown author (2022-07-28 12:41:21):

Hello! I've just watched the stream - the new features sound awesome!
It would be nice if the color replace extension would be built-in and/or improved - it's currently a bit buggy, and having the ability to select a Tolerance like the fill tool would be great.
Also, converting static layered images to animated ones using the "Create animation" button currently merges all layers. It would be awesome it it could keep the layers separate.
Anyway, thanks again for making RealWorld Paint - I've been using it for ~7 years now, and it's my favorite graphics editor!

Vlasta (2022-07-28 23:07:43):

People request color replacer a lot, but it could be tricky to do it right. I'll get to it one day. The conversion to animation is primarily geared towards splitting one image containing multiple smaller images into an animation. You can, when opening a static image choose to open it as animation using the small down arrow on the "Open" button. But I guess it should not be too difficult to handle the special case when the image is not really being split and keep the layers intact.

Account not found (2022-07-29 22:49:05):

Finally someone here who still uses windows 7, never upgrade to 10 or 11, Stay on that OS

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2023-01-07 09:16:12):

amazing icon-image/24825-16x16x32.png image

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