Furure of RealWorld software

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Furure of RealWorld software

Published by on July 13th 2022.

I have had little time in the last years to work on RealWorld software, but that is changing now and there will be updates coming in the near future. You are all invited to participate, give feedback and suggest changes.

YouTube stream next week

There will be a demonstration of the upcoming changes, most likely on Thursday 21st. You are welcome to watch a stream on YouTube, ask questions and say what else you would like to see changed. Stream can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIoXiyIxiXU

Preview version can be downloaded from http://download.rw-designer.com/preview/RWPaint64.zip

Layer styles

RealWorld Paint had layers and styles since its first release in 2008. But the user interface for layer styles was not great and I suspect many people have never used them at all. Similarly, it was possible to create a layer group (a layer of type "Layered image"), but again, the user interface was not configured to handle this situation. Both of these things are about to change.

In future versions, the Layers panel will look differently. It will no longer be a plain list, the layer style will be shown as a list of individual layer effects under each layer. When a layer effect is selected instead of a layer, the "Editing" panel on the right side of the window will display the configuration window of that effect. Furthermore, some effects will be editable via control points displayed on the canvas. Layer styles will be in your face and not just an obscure feature only experts can find.

rsrc/layer-effects-2022.png image

It will be also easier to quickly hide or show a layer. It the past, it was necessary to right-click and enable or disable a layer from a context menu. In the future, this will be achieved by clicking a checkbox under the layer name. Also individual layer effects can be turned on and off, just like the layers.

Layer opacity and blending mode was configurable in a small panel under the list of layers. This panel is now gone and blending mode can be changed from the right-click menu on a layer and opacity can be controlled by an "Opacity" layer effect should you need it.

Layer groups

Layer groups in RealWorld Paint will be slightly different than they are in Photoshop. In Photoshop, they primarily help people to make editing of images with a lot of layers more comfortable. You can for example turn on/off the visibility of the entire group with one click.

In RWPaint, groups work slightly differently. A group is a standalone layered image. This means that the layers in a group are isolated from layers outside the group. All layers of a group are combined together and only then is the result combined with layers outside the group. This is different than how Photoshop does it, where all layers no matter whether in group or not are combined from bottom to top.

If only normal blending is used, then there is no difference in Photoshop's and RWPaint's handling of groups. If on the other hand for example the Silhouette blending mode is used inside a group to mask parts of the image, this will only mask content of layers in the group in RWPaint.

Another difference is that the group acts as a real layer in RWPaint, which means a style can be applied to the whole group. This is handy if you want make the whole group transparent or add a shadow to it.

Is that all?

Of course not. First, there are many small changes that needed to be done as a direct consequence of the integration of styles into the layers panel. For example, you might have notified the Adjust and Effect menu items on the screenshot. These were not visible for vector layers in the past. There will be new effects, there will be support for SVG importing. Learn more during the stream.

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user icon Anonymous on July 14th 2022

good changes

user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 20th 2022

The RealWorld cursor Editor will need to be updated. This is the software that I use all the time. Please add all the missing cursor wizards with all the cursor roles and multiple settings so that users can control how they wish to make their cursors. That also involves making animated cursors on the fly.

user icon ATT registered user on July 20th 2022

Is the cursor editor also going to be updated sometime in the future?

user icon GodRage registered user on July 21st 2022

Hi :-) Idea suggestion:
There is the "tile" option for Moving (Move > Wrap), but this option seems missing with other tools:
- an option to "tile" on the background. (image repeat itself instead of dark background)
- drawing outside the zone would then draw in the zone.

I hope you will have time to add it in RWPaint, because it will helps a lot for making tiling texture for any open-source game, or for modding, or even for Mineraft. :-)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on July 21st 2022

Are you talking about the "Wrap" mode of the "Move" tool? It is nontrivial to enable it for vector layer, but it should be there for raster layers.

user icon Anonymous on July 28th 2022

Hello! I've just watched the stream - the new features sound awesome!
It would be nice if the color replace extension would be built-in and/or improved - it's currently a bit buggy, and having the ability to select a Tolerance like the fill tool would be great.
Also, converting static layered images to animated ones using the "Create animation" button currently merges all layers. It would be awesome it it could keep the layers separate.
Anyway, thanks again for making RealWorld Paint - I've been using it for ~7 years now, and it's my favorite graphics editor!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on July 28th 2022

People request color replacer a lot, but it could be tricky to do it right. I'll get to it one day. The conversion to animation is primarily geared towards splitting one image containing multiple smaller images into an animation. You can, when opening a static image choose to open it as animation using the small down arrow on the "Open" button. But I guess it should not be too difficult to handle the special case when the image is not really being split and keep the layers intact.

user icon Account not found registered user on July 29th 2022

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user icon ツ☪ NaLexnu ♡♥ contributing user on January 7th 2023

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user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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