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NEOC (2011-10-15 03:40:28):

Sincerely, this cursor set is the only one used in my session, at least, from it's creation. Long Life to all Yoshis :-D ! -Other Yoshi's colors, soon. If possible...
Next color: Pink (Green>Pink>Pale Blue>Yellow>Purple>Orange>Red>Blue>Black>White)

Sinceramente, este es el único set de cursores que uso en mi sesión, al menos,
desde su creación. ¡Larga vida a todos los Yoshis :-D ! -Otros colores de Yoshi, pronto. Si es posible...
Próximo color: Rosa (Verde>Rosa>Celeste>Amarillo>Púrpura>Anaranjado>Rojo>Azul>Negro>Blanco)

Remember, you shall credit me if you post this set anywhere.
Recuerda, debes darme crédito si publicas este set donde sea.
Daniel W. (2011-10-16 06:57:58 / 5 stars):

Great work on this set NEOC! Good attention to detail, and great quality. Also, great job filling all the roles and then even adding more colors! Fabulous first set! I'll look forward to seeing your future work.

NEOC (2011-10-16 19:35:20):

Than you for your rewiev!
With you approval, the only thing I can do now is continue with the good work!
I wish you also the best of lucks.

Remember, pale blue Yoshi is incoming!
Curiosity: The order of uploading of this cursors follows the order of yoshi's in stages in Yoshi Island

¡Gracias por tu revisión!
¡Con tu aporvación, la única cosa que ahora puedo hacer es seguir con el buen trabajo!
También te deseo la mejor de las suertes.

¡Recuerden, se acerca el Yoshi celeste!
Curiosidad: El orden de los cursores que estoy cargando sigue el orden de los yoshi's en las fases de Yoshi Island

Ricon (2011-10-22 21:13:13):

You obviously used a translator.

NEOC (2011-10-25 22:40:51):

So because something is in two different languages is because a translator was used?

You had insulted me very badly.

"Envy is proper of inferiors" -- Fernando Grados Laos

AND for your information, my native language is spanish, not english.

absterninja (2011-10-28 22:38:26 / 5 stars):

Very nice work. I love how you have different colors to suit everyone's favorites. We hope to see more cursors from you and maybe some icons to! icon-image/5386-16x16x32.png image

NEOC (2011-10-28 23:55:27):

I'm very thankful for your review. I had some problems but today, Yellow Yoshi will be ready.

But... will be some difficult that I create some icons. 'Cause the most of my ideas goes to Cursor Editor. But someway (or someday) there will be. Maybe rippage icons from Yoshi Story.

Tails the fox (2011-11-03 17:44:52 / 4 stars):

good luck

Unknown author (2011-11-07 02:09:15):


Spy (2012-01-30 20:32:33 / 4.5 stars):

Cute cursors! I like how you have a few options of the same cursor type so I can choose which one I like more! One question... what is a yoshi? :-)

NEOC (2012-02-05 01:06:28):

¿¡WHAT!? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshi

NEOC (2012-03-17 17:39:26):

Oh, no. 666 downloads. 666!

Matias0211 (2012-03-17 19:43:10 / 5 stars):

Muy buenos! ;-), un lindo tiempo te habrá tomado hacerlos todos jajajaja

NEOC (2012-03-17 20:11:26):

@Matias0211: Los del verde sí. Luego fue todo cuestión de cambio de color. Ahora con el Editor del 2012, y sus estilos de capa, será todo más fácil.

Matias0211 (2012-03-17 20:40:51):

Ahh mirá! no había notado eso jajajaja, ahora es más facil todavía :-D que andar pasando imagen por imagen :S jajaja. No te puntué :-D, pero ahora si :-)

NEOC (2012-03-17 20:49:57):


sosnh (2012-03-19 23:43:31 / 3.5 stars):

Really nice cursors. Though I don't see how they are like Yoshi besides the texture. Maybe you should make ones that look like Yoshi with his full body. All in all, the cursors are good.

NEOC (2012-03-20 21:34:58):

The idea, is that you can think and feel you're a Yoshi by looking a colored hand (that's because I call them "Yoshi's Desktop" and not simply "Yoshi" Cursors). Thanks for the constructive critic.

Nintendo (2012-04-07 23:39:21):

so your makin fun of me?

NEOC (2012-04-08 23:15:48):

You're no longer called Ýoshi (`-´).
Do you want to know who am I?
Here's a picture of me and stop thinking you're the only Yoshi here ;-) .

Nintendo (2012-04-08 23:54:37):

it was a joke :/ this might brighten up your day ☼ a sun :-D

Nintendo (2012-04-09 08:27:22):

these are really cool as cool as you keep up the good work

Unknown author (2012-06-09 14:32:34):

this is so cool and i like the way they have seat the thing up and it is cool that it is minecraft :-) :-)

Unknown author (2012-09-27 02:36:55):

Where is the Green yoshi working in Background cursor? I don't see it anywhere. :-o

Unknown author (2012-11-12 23:28:42):

fabuloso amigo

Unknown author (2012-11-25 19:46:29):

muy bueno los cursores de colores

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2013-03-16 11:21:56 / 5 stars):

mE encantaannn <3

los amo

Unknown author (2013-04-30 07:27:28):

missing green yoshi working in background... :-(

ctarmansy (2013-06-18 19:19:44):

i dont get what the "unfunny game" is...

Unknown author (2013-07-08 10:57:38):

how to install it?

cdl (2013-07-10 09:35:19 / 4.5 stars):

Oh my!
Talk about a large set!
We can pick and choose our favorites and if we change our minds come back and pick some others!

Very colorful, smooth lines, nice animations.

icon-image/8301-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-10-22 16:15:27):


Busterdoo (2013-12-17 00:58:25):

This is nice. Just wish there were more orange Yoshi's...

Unknown author (2014-04-02 18:00:06):

I don't care i hate it I don't care...

Unknown author (2014-07-28 06:17:55):


MrBio5 (2014-08-01 11:06:08 / 5 stars):

The yoshi accuracy one is perfect! looks exactly like yoshis island awesomeeee! :-D

Unknown author (2015-05-04 23:21:14):

:-D MY DREAM (ahem, yes) HAS COME TRUE. A BA BAM! :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2015-08-01 14:34:04):

yoshi: YOU'LL PAY for this maaaaaariiiioooooooo......... *boom*
mario: yeah! hahaha!

J (2015-08-04 15:15:23 / 4.5 stars):

wow i think its the biggest set of the month
nice transitions

AlphaOmega (2015-10-28 12:10:45 / 5 stars):

My goodness... That's a LOT of cursors! You must have worked hard on this!

StickyChannel92 (2015-11-25 16:19:50 / 5 stars):

That is a L O T of cursors!

StickyChannel92 (2015-12-08 16:39:52):

I really like the green ones!

AJaxx (2016-01-10 18:10:36 / 1 stars):

Original author/file from 2006:

Mario Gant by Behelit( Adamantiou Thomas )

Original MarioGloveCursor made by Ryan Clark

Unknown author (2017-04-11 16:21:18):


Unknown author (2017-11-08 04:26:36):

I thought the cursors are just Yoshi's and not the hands :-o

Pizzachu22 (2017-12-18 00:30:54):

Holy cow this is hyuge
(leaving the y there for emphasis)

Unknown author (2018-10-20 10:28:21):

I love these because i love yoshi!

Unknown author (2020-04-23 01:24:09):


nplays (2020-12-08 20:53:52 / 5 stars):


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