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highmystica (2017-03-03 16:06:55 / 5 stars):

Really, really cool. Only thing I don't like is that the animation for the resize cursors is so fast.

AJaxx (2017-03-03 16:22:14):

U can slow it down using the RWCursor Editor. Thanks for the rating!

Unknown author (2017-04-06 13:00:05):


J (2017-07-02 09:39:19 / 5 stars):

How did I miss this set?!!!
This one's really great

AJaxx (2017-07-02 10:37:24):

Thank you all for the ratings! Yes, it's an older set but still popular. Tycus did a great job designing these.

@highmystica: You can slow the resize animations in RWCursor to whatever speed you like, if you want.

Thanks again,

Unknown author (2017-10-17 20:35:50):

AS always great.Thank you!

Unknown author (2017-12-13 21:43:14):

how to set it all up instead of just choosing every cursor?

AJaxx (2017-12-14 01:18:23):

Right above the reviews and comments section is a link: How to download and customize your mouse pointer. http://www.rw-designer.com/using-cursors
Hope that helps.

Unknown author (2018-03-27 13:05:56):

This is awsome bro!
:-D :-D 8-) 8-)

Nikentomolog (2018-08-08 16:32:07):

3d effects are beautiful! good job! :-D :-)

Unknown author (2020-01-12 17:57:19):

muito bem feito parabens

adrenochromedream (2020-04-06 06:28:42 / 5 stars):

icon-image/17233-16x16x32.png image approves Yoda does

Melissa517 (2020-07-18 15:57:34 / 5 stars):

This is just perfect! You are de artist of the curser world. Stunning job in creating these cool and happy doods.

Unknown author (2020-08-26 10:53:02):


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