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Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2016-07-09 20:45:02 / 5 stars):

Wow, I really loved the cursors of Win XP, my favorite is the counter

AJaxx (2016-07-10 16:10:24):

They weren't easy to procure, it took me awhile. Glad to see people use and enjoy them!

Michaelpie (2016-07-24 18:35:26 / 5 stars):

I know you probably get asked a lot, but what software(s) do you use to make/edit these cursors?

Also I really like how wacky this set is :-D

AJaxx (2016-07-25 06:48:38):

I use RWPaint & RWCursor to make and/or port all the sets. I also use RWIcon to make shapes and icons, naturally. I really like this software and UI!

These wacky-thingies are right from XP by Microsoft.

Thanks for the rating, enjoy!

StickyChannel92 (2016-08-23 22:15:05 / 5 stars):

These are exactly what I wanted! Great Job!

AJaxx (2016-08-23 22:39:58):

Now you have them! Enjoy!! Thanks for the rating.

StickyChannel92 (2016-08-30 17:56:19):

Your Welcome! :-)

Unknown author (2016-11-03 03:23:43):

soo many my computer crash!!

Unknown author (2017-01-21 19:09:25):


Unknown author (2017-02-19 02:13:38):

Thank you so much! :-)

Unknown author (2017-03-17 02:26:24):

thanks a lot guy. You have made my day.

Unknown author (2017-04-01 14:16:21):

Thank you very much, I need my dinosaurs.

Unknown author (2017-04-02 17:34:27):

muito bom :-)

ShieldManGamer2000 (2017-06-10 06:10:57):


Unknown author (2017-07-12 16:53:43):

damn, this is actually pretty good. keep up the good work man! :-)

Unknown author (2017-09-02 06:11:15):

:-) Cool!

Unknown author (2017-09-03 01:51:00):

AJaxx You Made The Old Link!

Unknown author (2017-10-06 01:38:08):

oof :-D

Unknown author (2017-12-01 04:11:51):


Unknown author (2018-01-27 05:33:43):

was disappointed to see in windows 7 (at least my version, professional 64) only had the basic cursors. this will solve

Unknown author (2018-01-30 05:23:04):

Cool toolbars

Unknown author (2018-02-21 00:34:57):

Hi, i would like to know how to isntall these cursors?

AJaxx (2018-02-21 09:03:23):

Above this comment section is bright RED words, how to download, and customize your mouse pointer. That should help you.




Unknown author (2018-03-23 23:36:30):

Now i can complete my Windows XP theme for Windows 7. Thank you!

- Anonymous :-)

Unknown author (2018-06-19 08:40:05):

Пожалуйста ребят дайте сылку на курсоры виндовс 7 для виндовс хр

Unknown author (2018-09-09 18:23:32):


Unknown author (2018-10-31 15:35:32):

thanks, i've been looking for these!!

srbigodon (2019-01-13 02:31:40 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2019-01-31 16:22:17):

wow how amazing

i like this on. because i can complete my windows xp theme for windows 10

Unknown author (2019-03-01 13:07:06):

How Such An Amazing .
I Can Download
Microsoft Agent.

Unknown author (2019-06-06 03:21:36):

this is epic

Unknown author (2019-06-07 17:12:17):

:-) :-) you designed bests . than you so much .

AJaxx (2019-06-27 14:09:43):


Unknown author (2019-07-04 08:03:01):

It look great in my Windows 10 ;-)

Unknown author (2019-07-27 00:32:45):

Quel qu'un sait ou on peut avoir les origineaux de windows XP? : -o

Vlazteron (2019-11-21 23:38:22 / 5 stars):

Thank you! Now I can finally experience again the old Windows XP cursors, thank you very much, I really appreciate it.


Unknown author (2019-12-08 11:12:22):

that whos cool ;-)

Unknown author (2019-12-19 12:37:13):

please make a blue square mouse (jsab) for me

Unknown author (2020-02-12 01:07:24):

Thank you so much, i spent my days as a kid with the banana cursor, and now i can relive them. :-D

Unknown author (2020-03-15 20:49:39):

I am looking for the barbershop and running horse icons from the Windows XP Old Fashioned System Scheme to possibly include on my Windows 10 machine. Please advise.

Unknown author (2020-03-19 19:49:41):

jodete estan geniales :-RE 8-) | -) | -) ;-) ;-)

;-) :-) :-RE :-( : -o 8-) | -)


: -o

kl (2020-03-25 03:45:19):

hi. i have been looking for the xp rainbow arrow animated for years! yay!
so what do i do now??? i am not a wizard if computers...by any means. i get confused easily... :-(
any easy way to do so as well as avoiding virus?
thank you so much!

ChrisCursorMaker457 (2020-04-25 18:37:53 / 5 stars):

Someone's having a quite severe case of nostalgia if it weren't fatal, but super awesome rip of these cursors!
And also, my name is now D A R K G O L D E N R O D

Unknown author (2020-08-22 17:37:17):

Is there a way to install them without changing every cursor itself?

Wolfie3334MOON (2020-11-03 19:53:34 / 5 stars):

Wait these are the winXP cursors, who knew there were so many!

Unknown author (2020-11-04 17:56:34):

This is not on the real list of xp cursors. >:(

Unknown author (2020-12-23 21:14:48):

windows 10 only! go to settings themes cursor themes and black cursor this windows xp cursor

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