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sixλxis (2009-12-23 21:29:46 / 5 stars):



Teddy (2009-12-24 16:43:20):

to the others: rate, comment and enjoy!

Teddy (2009-12-26 01:12:04):

oh damned i forgot the busy-cursor
sorry i will modify this soon

Teddy (2009-12-28 00:10:13):

kk i modified it
have fun

Teddy (2010-01-04 04:35:58):

can anybody tell me how to set tags? i click on the plusRuneScape but nothing happens :-(
pls help me!
have fun,

sixλxis (2010-01-08 18:41:51):

Its fixed now try it.

Unknown author (2010-01-09 00:28:27):

This is very nice, RS cursors are usually thrown together in 5 minutes, but these are in their own category altogether.


Teddy (2010-01-10 03:02:32):

thank you.
i needed about one week for this set (well for the basic cursor, this other stuff is doable in 10 minutes) because i really tried to perfectionize it. i guess there wont't be a set named:saras little helper 3 ^^
have fun

Unknown author (2010-01-10 17:51:56):

lolz they are cool the red and blue,,,,, do more colors man plz
{} grrrr

Teddy (2010-01-12 14:39:36):

im adding a set named "every stuff ever made by KT6" soon.
there are some prototypes of this sword with diffrent colours, too.
have fun

Unknown author (2010-01-30 08:15:39):

i want a dark bow cursor plzzzzzzzzzzz....

Teddy (2010-02-05 12:19:20):

ok i'll start working at this job :-D
keep waiting it could be that it takes one month, but they will be perfect then
dont wonder why my grammar is bad, im german
but i think the work is at last the important thing
have fun

Teddy (2010-02-10 12:21:23):

hey if you want me to do this job pls send me some screenshots from a dark bow (both sides, front, inventory etc)
use my e-mail, u can find it on my acc page

Unknown author (2010-02-23 16:32:12):

:[] this sucks :P

Teddy (2010-02-26 13:01:26):

rly? why

Teddy (2010-04-07 23:04:22):

Um your requested darkbowset is ready, i 'just' have to load it up ...

Unknown author (2010-04-25 01:54:52):

can u pls make the "waiting" cursor for ddp?

Teddy (2010-04-25 19:42:27):

do you mean the busy one? (icy)
however okay i'll make a complete ddp set ...

Unknown author (2010-07-04 02:57:58):


Unknown author (2010-07-13 06:36:04):

could you make a woodcutting skillcape untrimmed please, i found none and the trimmed ones... the nice one i cant download for some reason and the one i have is like brighter

Teddy (2010-08-05 15:12:52):

skillcapes are always difficult to make if you want them nice and don't just take the the great exchange's graphic of on the rs homepage.
but I will try to make a nice one

Unknown author (2010-10-27 02:41:49):

i im new to this hope to see a staff of light soon or morggans stuff ok txs for all the cursors i have looked every where but cant find and but one on this site :P

Unknown author (2010-11-27 11:23:16):

this sucks

Unknown author (2010-12-05 09:08:14):

this site ownz but korasis sword is needed lol :-D :D

Unknown author (2010-12-08 15:10:08):

^yo gusy what yall doing

Unknown author (2010-12-17 02:39:29):

can u make like regular cursors like the one you start with becuz i might not like one of these thatnks ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-D :-D :-o 8-) |-) |-) :-o

Unknown author (2010-12-22 17:31:06):

muito lgl!

Unknown author (2011-03-21 15:33:23):

it can be better can u make a d claw only one of it facing to the left

Unknown author (2011-04-24 12:10:18):

i have the bgs 1 with att when i click

Unknown author (2011-04-24 12:10:53):

but its nice lol this is teh best cursor site!! 8-)

Unknown author (2011-05-08 04:57:27):

best cursors

Unknown author (2011-05-27 15:55:13):

;-) love it

Unknown author (2011-05-27 15:55:48):

it great :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2011-06-22 00:30:21):


Teddy (2011-06-22 01:33:31):


Unknown author (2011-06-28 13:33:48):

you can make a cursor self xD
you know how?

step 1.
u chose a picture on google

step 2.
u select whit a photoshop program the picture and al the space u dónt need delete!

step 3. save it!


Teddy (2011-06-28 15:09:50):

the google picture must be small enough, and try to find this, because if you don't, you'll get a few colorful pixel but a cursor.
The real task of making cursors is drawing details on 64x64 pixels.

jojois74 (2011-09-11 19:13:47 / 3 stars):

These are really nice but they are all the same. You should make some different ones.

Unknown author (2011-09-17 16:09:04):


the saradomin sword fantasy its so niiiiiiiice;)

Unknown author (2011-10-22 04:06:14):

how to use it in runescape?

Teddy (2012-04-16 09:16:35):

disable the custom rs curosr in the rs settings and use this one.

Unknown author (2012-06-18 21:48:23):

i like d scimmy curs it ius poss the best :-)

Unknown author (2014-12-10 16:26:35):

8-) OK YES:-) RED

J (2015-09-03 14:43:39 / 5 stars):

Wow you are a master in sword cursors
Animations would make them even better
Still they deserve 5 stars

I think that there is a problem with the Pen's color
Make it smooth edges format for better look

Unknown author (2021-09-27 02:28:46):

great job sir

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