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Dark_Samus (2021-02-10 22:48:23 / 5 stars):

These are soooooooooooooooooo good... :-o

'pix (2021-02-10 23:54:17):


RIDDLER (2021-02-11 10:20:29 / 5 stars):

I like the star shape of those cursors. This is a great job well done!

SlizzyG (2021-02-11 13:30:27 / 5 stars):

These are some pretty quality cursors my friend. I love that these aren't super bulky.

'pix (2021-02-11 14:29:05):

:-D Thank you all! I never thought I would get such ratings for my first cursor set.

Newb (2021-02-11 17:04:49 / 5 stars):

really like the dot its will poke the dots of me i like the text and oh yeah this happen alot of time to me i really like it because the its very rare and cool you have the best cursor top 25 bro nice cursor 5 10/10. 8-) |-) :-D

'pix (2021-02-11 20:23:13):

thanks? lol

Bobcat (2021-02-12 10:17:30 / 5 stars):

I really like them! They are smooth, and the idea is pretty creative! The animated text one is the best!

RIDDLER (2021-02-12 16:23:18):

I always make great quality cursors as well.

'pix (2021-02-12 18:31:44):

Riddler left 2 5-star reviews :-o I am surprised.

I have a survey for my next cursor set in progress. For the link select cursor, should it be:
1, an alternate color of the normal select cursor
2, the normal select cursor with a link icon beside it
or 3, only the link icon in center, with an animated counterpart

Unknown author (2021-02-19 14:46:57):

pretty good

Unknown author (2022-02-02 13:02:29):

its really nice problem is i cant see the cursor most of the time because its white :-(
but other that that its a very nice cursor :>

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