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sixλxis (2010-06-13 05:15:18 / 4.5 stars):

I like these too. 4.5/5

Teddy (2010-06-13 10:16:33 / 5 stars):

nice ones

cassi225 (2010-06-13 19:16:48):

i Love It, Make Recolours of it, like pink and green and red

Vlasta (2010-06-13 19:29:45):

Your cursors are getting better and better :-). The busy cursor is a bit blurry, but no big deal. (Two tips: When rotation is used, blurring occurs. Avoid using rotation repeatedly and, if possible, draw the icons larger, rotate them while they are large, and then shrink them to 32x32.)

winger (2010-06-13 21:36:36):

Thanks, Vlasta! I replaced the first version with a less blurry version today already, just by using less movement, but unblurring the rotation in busy was a mystery. I'll try it later using your suggestions.

Unknown author (2010-09-28 15:12:11):

Beautiful! ;-) Thank!

pixel..stars1 (2011-02-25 16:18:42):

awsome :-)

Unknown author (2011-03-15 07:15:18):

Totally Cool!!! Using this for my blog!

Unknown author (2011-10-10 03:45:50):

nicely done |-)

Cameron (2011-11-17 10:48:08 / 5 stars):

i think that these are really good and the fact that you used real images to make these cursors makes it all the more impressive, i particularly like the busy one with the little sparkle each turn very effective and very well made

Unknown author (2011-11-27 15:34:55):

sparklyyyyyyyyyyyy :-)

MariaPiu (2012-07-04 12:04:53 / 5 stars):

Briliant! :-)

cdl (2013-01-01 01:12:39 / 4 stars):

here a bling, there a bling, everywhere a bling?
nice work! icon-image/3089-32x32x32.png image

AmberZen (2013-01-09 17:25:51 / 4.5 stars):

in blue too!
sapphires and diamonds!
I'm rich now! lol
bling bling

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2013-05-14 23:51:49 / 4.5 stars):

Is awesome, but not complete set :-(

Unknown author (2013-07-10 21:00:06):


Unknown author (2013-10-02 14:22:56):

how does this work?!?!?! :-(

how do we download it?
when ever i click open it does nothing

cuv (2014-05-31 01:39:53 / 4 stars):

Awesome set, the animation for Busy is very smooth, though the sparkle effect could be improved. Love 'em.

Unknown author (2014-06-28 04:01:09):

Preciosos!! <3 <3 (soy chica)

Unknown author (2018-09-15 06:53:08):

Your cursors are so pretty! :-D

Unknown author (2021-04-27 18:06:57):

wow its cute but make a WHOLE SET next time plz

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