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sixλxis (2010-02-09 19:23:20 / 3 stars):

Using the Cingular phone logo is copyright infringement unless you place a disclaimer in your description.

Unknown author (2011-09-17 23:43:39):

ring ring ring ring ring ring BANANA PHONE :-D

Unknown author (2011-12-29 17:25:20):

wtf r u talkin bout banana phone??

Unknown author (2012-04-22 18:03:30):

Should have had more noticeable arrows on the resizes. |-)

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-08-31 02:14:27 / 3 stars):

sixλxis is right. Do As He Says.

cdl (2013-03-01 09:38:25 / 3 stars):

On the busy I would suggest trying the animation with just the 1st and last images...
the eye fills in the rest and it would make your animation more realistic. A more visible color would also be nice on the busy.
Cingular cell phone company logo: I would remove the dot to make it more original and just vaguely referring to the co. logo.. as I am not sure a simple disclaimer would cover usage of their logo. I do agree that it is copyright infringement to use it as it presently is. (thanks sixλxis)

Help is not a great image and I would drop it for a remix of the cell phone or working images.

knock-knock.. are you there?

roo (2015-01-21 16:42:30 / 5 stars):
-) </td><td>-) -)yolo so cool
The Male Boss (2015-05-29 11:32:47 / 4 stars):

these are so cool.
there are good designs.
the best one is the cell phone

amaleerocks13 (2015-07-03 10:46:34 / 0.5 stars):

i don't like these cursor at all, to improve you should change the rsize things to actual phones not the cingular logo :-(

Unknown author (2017-09-09 05:25:30):

Not like it's something wrong, but I think you meant precision, not "percision" (first cursor), just letting you know. Also, for those who don't like it, at least leave constructive criticism,

Bob the builder (2018-03-23 18:27:35 / 4 stars):

its pretty good, i like the animation but next time make it more like you put more effort on it.

nibbler (2019-01-15 18:40:09 / 4 stars):

The move cursor is offset. The busy looks kind of weird the way the phone opens on the first frame it opens the phone. Might wanna fix that.

Otherwise, good set! ;-)

Wolfmanispro64 (2021-02-20 20:36:24 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2021-07-22 20:53:07):


Unknown author (2021-07-28 20:37:36):

sus :-o oof 8-)

Unknown author (2021-11-02 03:38:50):


muito chave cachorro

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

shush.123 (2023-03-29 11:11:01):


Unknown author (2023-06-06 16:09:11):


bluesclues (2024-03-03 04:32:32 / 4 stars):

Great work!! I like the way the phone rings, it's cute. I just wish there was a bit more variety!

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