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Vlasta (2010-09-17 22:38:46):

Good work restoring the transparency :-). (Hint: I would use Chromium keyword somewhere in description or name to bring people who are searching for Chromium cursors here.)

ToukanLab (2010-09-18 15:33:29):

good! so above this comment VLasta says its transparent! I don't know how you got those cursors or if you made them (i don't understand desc XD) but good work! :-D

sixλxis (2010-09-19 01:48:42):

Changed the name to Chromium.

sixλxis (2010-10-07 15:51:46):

Someone posted a request in the Requests section and i simply delivered.

Anonymous (2010-11-11 21:44:19):

the chromium cursors are great you know it could be a modified version of aero cursors I have aero cursors because I Have windows 7 :-) :-D and i`ll download them!

sixλxis (2010-11-16 17:21:23):

:woop: First hit on google. :-D

Anonymous (2010-11-28 09:00:58):


               LIKE IT
lu9 (2011-08-16 03:33:49):

It really Looks "Googlish" Nice work!

Unknown author (2012-02-21 23:29:54):

Too bad it doesn't replace all cursors! Liked it!

Matias0211 (2012-03-14 14:46:53):


Matias0211 (2012-03-19 02:12:57):

Google chorme tiene punteros y yo nunca me enteré?:O:P y eso que lo uso jajajaja.

Unknown author (2012-07-28 00:11:21):

how to install these on win 7 ?

oriolego (2012-12-03 14:44:20):

you should make working and busy cursors with spinning chrome logo!

Unknown author (2013-05-30 14:07:31):

cursor in google dikker maken

sixλxis (2013-08-08 01:54:28):

im not surprised these got google plus'd

Unknown author (2013-12-22 08:31:32):

you are deleted all cursors :-(

Aha... my cursor in fault

Aha.. my cursor in fault :-)

you fainted |-)

Unknown author (2013-12-23 09:17:39):

Anonymous :-o

Unknown author (2013-12-23 13:01:32):

Perfect! 8-)

Mhm ;-)

Error code: 123 : was defined.

Unknown author (2013-12-30 19:15:35):

Error code: 123 was not defined :-(

Unknown author (2014-01-25 08:02:36):

No us you must one account ;-)

Of what am deleted all cursors cheated no pointer but a cursor not downloaded all cursors publish. Download is not available :-(

Cool! You downloaded all cursors. Bravo! Congratulations! 8-)

Cursor is mine :-D

Unknown author (2014-02-08 08:29:16):

Aha... Can not evaluate with translation direction.

Unknown author (2014-02-08 09:41:30):

Aha... Can not evaluate with translation direction :-)

Unknown author (2017-05-07 17:52:57):


Unknown author (2017-05-26 01:40:10):

can u plz make the working and busy cursor?

Unknown author (2017-11-07 06:05:53):


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