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RIDDLER (2022-08-08 03:34:35):

Gee wiz. Green cursors are back again.

RIDDLER (2022-08-08 03:51:48):

Green is the best color for me as well. The green outlines are intended to be super thick for originality. I like that.

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:51:07):

The contrast between the greens are cool.

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:52:00):

Yeah. The outlines are green for both animations. Two shades of green for the outlines and the fill.

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:54:14):

The ultra thick outlines are original. I like that.

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:55:15):

Me too. I made the outlines super thick to emphasize the appearance of this cursor set.

Unknown author (2022-08-12 15:41:42):


RIDDLER (2022-08-12 19:28:55):

Hi. Please can you rate 5 stars to this cursor set. This green cursor set is dazzling so it deserves 5 stars to be issued to the quality of this set.

Account not found (2022-08-15 15:39:20 / 5 stars):

This cursor set is amazing, good job, i like this, is very good for a green themepack, oh btw that User called Anonymous is a guest user, which it means that he is able to upload and create icons and cursor and commenting, but they can't rate a set which stars

RIDDLER (2022-08-15 17:53:11):

Thanks for rating. I have been waiting for a rating on this set for quite some time now. I have done a good job on making this cursor set based only on two shades of green. Keep checking sometime for new cursor sets on my profile.

I am not Anonymous. I am a user with a genuine name. I call myself RIDDLER, the man in green. That is why I favour green cursors so much.

♣Aworld♣ (2022-08-15 21:17:24 / 5 stars):

epic |-)

RIDDLER (2022-08-16 19:43:04):

Thank you sir for rating. Please persuade others to rate as well. The more stars, I get, the better.

Unknown author (2022-08-17 10:48:25):

really sure you freaking green are bad cuz green is freaking poor

RIDDLER (2022-08-17 21:40:03):

No. Green is absolutely good. It is so good that I made this green cursor set look its best.


It would also be most kind from you if you were polite towards me and my cursor sets, and rated as well. I you do not like green cursors, then do not download them, but respect my green cursor sets.

Thank you.

Unknown author (2022-10-11 13:51:38):

lol its large

RIDDLER (2022-10-13 02:14:56):

:-) Large is good. :-)
:-) Green is best. :-)
:-) Green is live. :-)
:-) Living in green. :-)

The Male Boss (2023-03-28 14:32:31 / 5 stars):

An excellent set of cursors.
I like the design inside the green borders as well especially when I look at them from a glance I find it hard to Believe it only took two frames achieve such a great quality finish.
The only thing you could maybe add is some left handed cursors for the set but this is no big deal.
Great to a see a full set with all 17 cursors roles and all the hotspots in the right place.
Here’s five golden stars for this wonderful creation.

The Male Boss

RIDDLER (2023-03-28 20:11:33):

Gee whizz. This is so good. I spent a lot of time making this cursor set a perfect set. It only takes two colours and two frames to achieve a great looking cursor set. This cursor set does not need a left handed mouse pointer. That is why I did not include one. Like you said, its no big deal. I now make cursor sets that are complete with 17 cursor roles and I always place my hotspots in the right place. Thanks for the five stars.

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