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ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-16 14:51:52):

icon-image/22169-16x16x32.png image



icon-image/22172-20x20x32.png image

Phantom (2021-03-16 15:03:56 / 4.5 stars):

ooohh i might try this... good job brother! i like how they actually look like rw can use these!

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-16 16:08:09):

icon-image/22182-20x20x32.png image :-)

icon-image/22183-20x20x32.png image :-)

icon-image/22180-20x20x32.png image :-o :-( :-D :-)

thx man

icon-image/22177-20x20x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-03-16 16:24:05):


Rando (2021-03-16 17:21:35 / 5 stars):

Yay! More Expressions!

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-16 17:27:30):


inactive account (2021-03-16 18:46:52 / 5 stars):

icon-image/22172-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22173-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22174-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22175-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22176-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22177-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22178-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22179-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22180-16x16x32.png image

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-16 21:54:35):

Not how you do it. you do

"[[ image:icon-image/22172-20x20x32.png ]]"

Remember that it must say 20x20x32, and no quotations and no spaces

Huh_ (2021-03-17 08:22:21 / 5 stars):

They are so cool! I love both demons, and the angry looks really funny. It's amazing how it seems that they are originals from rw. Fantastic job!

clover (2021-03-17 08:33:31 / 5 stars):

I love rw emoji icons, very community focused!!!
They are also very original and don't seem to be the same as the ones that rw design has.

R0mKa (2021-03-17 10:26:25 / 5 stars):

Very nice and creative, i like them... 5 stars incoming! :-D

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-17 12:36:45):

icon-image/22183-20x20x32.png image icon-image/22183-20x20x32.png image Thanks alot! :-D :-)

๖ۣۣۜCursѻr_MΔKER (2021-03-17 12:43:32 / 5 stars):

UwU these are so coool. I like the pixel effect but I'm not sure how to use these icons on my computer:/ also I like the shadow and bevel effect :-) Good work

Unknown author (2021-03-17 13:18:16):

that when we download it it dosent work

i will make it zero stars


ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-17 13:45:19):

Well, I think that Vlasta already did the shading on the faces, so when I got rid of the emotion on the face, I had to fix up the shading. So credit to Vlasta mainly!

Bobcat (2021-03-17 16:15:08 / 5 stars):

I guess nobody noticed my emoji set since everybody said they are original. |-) But it is not your fault, Flix! You made them better anyway.

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-17 16:25:19):

Woah, chill dude, I'll check them out. Don't feel bad.

OOOHHH... I remember those

They are pretty good! I honestly think that they are better

If you want it to look like a classical rw emoji, I recommend making the size 20x20

see: :-D :-) icon-image/22180-20x20x32.png image

And these aren't meant to really be downloaded unless you want to. They're meant to use on RW I guess

Unknown author (2021-03-17 21:47:06):


Bobcat (2021-03-18 19:35:50):

I tried to make them bigger, but it would not work because they were getting blurry! The retouch tool did not help.

Unknown author (2021-03-22 22:32:08):

you made this?

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-03-22 23:30:41):


Unknown author (2021-03-24 12:47:01):


ᘻᗩᑢᒪᓍᐺᘿᖇ (2021-03-30 18:20:36):


Optional alternate text

QUEEN (2021-04-01 12:27:56 / 5 stars):

i really like the devil one it looks cute and now I'm gonna use it

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-04-01 13:50:39):

Thanks! icon-image/22180-20x20x32.png image

:-( :-D icon-image/22180-20x20x32.png image

Just looking at size, and it seems like it's the same

RIDDLER (2021-04-02 17:26:16 / 5 stars):

Lovely emojis.

Unknown author (2021-05-18 16:01:40):

queen bruh its a = devil =

Unknown author (2021-05-18 16:02:03):


Unknown author (2021-06-27 15:22:05):

so cute

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-06-27 22:14:20):

Thank you :-)

This account got hacked (2021-12-21 09:17:40):


Henry vntv (2022-07-26 03:32:54 / 5 stars):

so cool icon-image/24236-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24237-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24237-16x16x32.png image

Henry vntv (2022-08-04 14:49:09):

icon-image/22180-16x16x32.png image

scott (2022-09-24 17:14:29 / 5 stars):

cool! icon-image/22183-16x16x32.png image I like that it's the same size as the normal emojis. 5 stars
edit: they seem to be removed from the internet unfortunately

ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ (2022-11-10 19:15:42 / 5 stars):

so cool icon-image/24236-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24237-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24237-16x16x32.png image

14_5936 (2022-11-26 23:10:57 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2023-02-08 23:16:00):

5/5 this is pretty niggerlicious

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