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Unknown author (2011-02-24 01:49:54):

Its very complicated and must take alot of practice! Thank you whoever made this!

Unknown author (2011-03-24 02:54:20):

absolute funk

Madoka Kaname (2011-09-16 09:24:56):

Um..complicated but thatnks :-D

Unknown author (2011-11-01 15:42:50):

how can i move a layer

Unknown author (2011-11-24 23:42:48):

The Absolute Best Image Editor around. Thanks so much!

Unknown author (2012-05-17 23:47:23):

This program is nice.. might we say a little faster than Photoshop. :P

Unknown author (2012-09-18 17:18:09):

just too complicated for me mates! Cheerio!

Unknown author (2013-01-07 06:35:09):

Cannot figure out to even start with it. The tools looks promising but challenging to comprehend. Isn't it a paradox that a tool for UI cannot be well understood? :-(

Unknown author (2013-02-12 04:28:56):

How can i make this like transparens?

Unknown author (2013-11-24 17:41:53):

Like all programs that are able to do many things in detail, it takes time to learn the way they are set up. Take a deep breath, consider the abilities of the program, and start with something rater simple to learn the tools and what they can do.

HEY! It's free.

Unknown author (2015-04-19 17:31:41):

How to rotate text ? please

Vlasta (2015-04-19 18:05:59):

With one of the colored points.

Unknown author (2015-04-26 21:42:32):

how can i make a text with a shadow?

Unknown author (2015-09-09 07:51:38):

Do I have to purchase the clone tool? It won't let me add it to the tool bar

Vlasta (2015-09-09 08:05:42):

Are you using RWPaint? It does not exist in the cursor editor.

Unknown author (2015-10-31 11:34:49):

:-( i am sorry i never used this tool still trying to figure this out, i downloaded this tool to make wildlife posters for an animal shelter had it 2 days now

:-)i am sure i will figure it out somehow but atm i am on a deadline need to create and print 30 posters and have not 1 uptill now :-(

Shorty (2016-02-10 06:00:35):

This is frustrating for me too. |-)

ReaperSythe (2016-08-24 01:38:20):

IS there an eraser :-(

Unknown author (2016-09-12 00:38:21):

can't find ruler!! can't download help in PDF.

Swizity_Shweasel (2017-08-18 09:22:57):

so I'm looking to cut out an image but I cant figure out how. its not something I can do with the crop tool as it has curves and edges, I'm sure ill figure it out eventually

Unknown author (2018-01-25 22:59:35):

The text buble script is unclear. How to cure it ? Thank you.
Le script des bulles de texte est flou. Comment y remédier ? Merci

Unknown author (2018-04-18 15:46:14):

how can i change color from say blue to red to all the image?

Unknown author (2020-06-25 20:49:58):

HI, Tks for RWPaint!

How can I change the color of the text shadow in the RWPaint?

Unknown author (2021-06-02 18:49:43):


Unknown author (2021-11-27 02:01:23):

no freaking ERASER???? Never seen THAT left out of a program!!!!

#1fisherman (2022-02-12 23:15:28):

how do you put a n outline around a text letter?

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