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Unknown author (2008-04-25 00:00:00):

Could you add progress bar and more quality options (70%)?


Unknown author (2008-05-25 00:00:00):

Great tool as I don't always have internet access to check how to use the options. The only thing that I would change is that I would keep a 100% resize option as I often just use it to compress my pictures in file size while keeping the same pixel dimensions.


Mike Lee (2008-06-08 00:00:00):

A progress bar may be difficult to implement, but I'll work on it. More quality options are definitely possible, as is a 100% resize option. Check my site in a few days for an updated PhotoResize Options. Thank you for your input and suggestions.

Mike Lee (2008-06-08 00:00:00):

Update: I've incorporated several of these suggestions into the new version released today. I have replaced the 60% quality option with a 70% quality option (to avoid offering too many "low quality" options), and have replaced the 150% resizing option with 100% (as image resizing is optimized for reduction anyway). It is quite amazing how much the quality can be "reduced" without any significant visual compromise, yet the file size can be reduced 50 to 75 percent!

Unknown author (2008-06-24 00:00:00):

i just have the problem, that i cannot close the tool, after resizing with the gui.
only via taskbar its possible to close the program....
if im starting it, and i dont resize i can close it without problems....so seems there something is hanging after resizing.....
any ideas?

Unknown author (2008-07-01 00:00:00):

Thanks for this!!

Unknown author (2008-07-22 00:00:00):

Great tool, really shows the power of PhotoResize in an easy-to-use and clear interface.
I really mis a progress indication when doing (large) batches though. I hope you can implement it.

Davmar (2008-08-03 00:00:00):

Realy a powerfull tool! This makes the job mucheasyer! but, there is some futreues that i would like to see in the furture:
*able to change output folder
*the config string for Photoresize.exe (or the "Add to contex menu" option.)
*config stored in a XML or any other readabol text file.

Alse a REALY good tool for resizeing for both web and other uses. keep the good work up!


Unknown author (2008-08-10 00:00:00):

Color fine option ? is equal to which command ?

Vlasta (2008-08-11 00:00:00):

There are -x11 -x12 -x21 -x22 undocumented switches, which control chroma subsampling...

Unknown author (2008-08-20 00:00:00):

This is Awesome! well done.

Unknown author (2008-08-28 00:00:00):

Very nice tool. the only missing thing for me is the option to choose the output-folder.

Unknown author (2008-08-28 00:00:00):

this looks like a good tool, but it can not be downloaded. i can download other files from this website, but not this one

Unknown author (2008-10-14 00:00:00):

Great program! Why not allow free form text entry for percentage, max size and quality. Would save a lot of interface and allow more control. Just my two cents but thank you.

Unknown author (2008-11-24 00:00:00):

1st would like to thank you for the reat app, question here is, is there anyway that i can add the time stamp of the image or at least the time stamp of the conversion date to the resized file name

Vlasta (2008-11-25 00:00:00):

I am afraid basing the output filename on time stamp is currently not possible. I guess (have not checked it myself) it is possible to base output filename in the RealWorld Photos batch processing on EXIF timestamp, if you play with the scripting a bit. I'll make sure the file time stamp is accessible to script in the final version.

Unknown author (2008-12-02 00:00:00):

I have been unable to understand how to write to a subdirectory. I want to convert all files in c:\website\img to 120px wide images in C:\website\img\120 with the same file name. I wanted to do this through command-line arguments.

Vlasta (2008-12-03 00:00:00):

PhotoResizeW120.exe "-c<ROOT>120\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" c:\website\img
should work...

Unknown author (2009-03-01 02:24:26):

This program is AWESOME!!! I can get the command line to work so long as the directory path does not have a space in it. In my case, I have images stored in C:\My Photos\ that I want to resize. I've tried adding double quotes like so (assumes PhotoResize.exe is stored in C:\My Photos)
PhotoResize.exe -^800x600 "-c<ROOT>\Th<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "C:\My Photos\"
But this doesn't work. Is there syntax for directory paths with spaces?

Vlasta (2009-03-01 09:50:20):

Looks OK, but try to remove the \ character after <ROOT>, it provides its own \. Also, maybe leave out the trailing \ in C:\My Photos\

Unknown author (2009-03-01 13:10:50):

Yes sir. That was what I needed. Perfect little app. What a great find! Thank you for your help!

Unknown author (2009-04-02 02:00:41):

I can't get the resized image to go in another folder :-( let's say I want it in a folder in G:\maternity how do I do that... resized with width max of 500

Unknown author (2009-04-02 15:20:24):

I'm finding this tool very convenient but is it possible to keep the original file creation date for my old JPGs after resizing them?? My settings are PhotoResize2592IMOQ90S

Vlasta (2009-04-02 22:50:09):

To put files in a custom folder, you'll need to use command line parameters directly.

The creation date should be preserved. Are you using the latest version of PhotoResize?

Unknown author (2009-05-13 13:33:35):


How do I preserve the aspect ratio of the images? e.g. I want to produce some thumbnails at 80x60, and am using PhotoResize80x60H.exe . However, if the image does not have this aspect ratio, it appears squashed.

Many thanks in advance,

Vlasta (2009-05-13 18:29:43):

You can resize to given width or height and let the tool compute the other direction to maintain aspect ratio. Or you can use the seam carving option, but it is slow.

Unknown author (2009-06-15 09:42:17):

Great tool. I love the -kX option. Thanks for your work, it's very helpful.

Unknown author (2009-07-31 14:23:55):

Thank you for your great tool.. it would be perfect if the settings of PhotoResizeOptions could also be exported as the file name to be used..

Unknown author (2009-10-16 18:59:05):

is it possible to have
instead of

So to set the new filename to "800-OLDFILENAME"

leonid (2009-10-19 13:31:50):

would u help me with parametrs?
if size of pic <= 300x400 then to do nothing
else PhotoResize400.exe -w300 -h400 path:\*.jpg
path:\*.jpg - all files in folder

Vlasta (2009-10-19 16:52:42):

800-DSC01909.jpg ... use this parameter "-c<ROOT><PATH><SIZE>-<NAME>.jpg"

leonid ... PhotoResizeF400x300S.exe "C:\your_folder"

Unknown author (2009-12-18 08:11:53):

how can i resize physical image and change dpi at the same time.

Unknown author (2010-05-11 22:34:31):

Bonjour... le link http://leelim.net/default.aspx estkaput???

Unknown author (2010-06-18 14:39:37):

Hi is it possible to have the system scan subfolders?

Unknown author (2010-06-25 23:00:35):

Exactly the program I needed and sought in vain. Many thanks. Bajer I.

Unknown author (2010-07-12 17:40:26):

Hi, with this gui, how can i specify an output folder, instead of "Resized Photos"?

Unknown author (2010-07-27 11:01:23):

Same question as above : "how can I resize physical image and change dpi at the same time."

Vlasta (2010-07-27 11:04:10):

You can either change number of pixels keeping physical size (DPI is changed) or you can just change the DPI value thus changing physical size, but keeping the same amount of pixels.

Unknown author (2011-02-09 04:28:56):

This works great and is very simple. Thank you.

Unknown author (2011-02-20 11:22:26):

Can I specify source folder , destination folder AND write output to html at the same time ?

Vlasta (2011-02-20 11:24:25):

yes, with a little bit of effort

Unknown author (2011-02-20 11:27:49):

Do I need to use switches together like PhotoResize800 -co"valueforc valueforo" ?

Vlasta (2011-02-20 11:29:23):

yes, switches, but do not combine them: PhotoResize800 "-cvalueforc" "-ovalueforo"

Unknown author (2011-02-20 11:34:46):

Thanks , managed to figure it out.
Great tool !

Unknown author (2011-03-28 19:08:32):

This tool is the quickest and handiest way to resize pictures. Thank you so much for saving me time every day.

Unknown author (2011-10-17 21:38:14):

I resized several images. Each time select one of the resized images, a new copy is generated. I am not pleased! How can I get this unwanted replication of images to stop???

Vlasta (2011-10-17 21:39:37):

Hint: the first item on the screenshot...

Unknown author (2011-11-24 14:43:02):

Hi Iam trying to use your tool to process a directory of images, using the command line options but I am not getting the required result I wish to do the following

resize.exe -w190 "inputDirectory" "outputDirectory"

I am using the -c option for the output directory but this does not seem to work as the images are processed within the input directory?

Vlasta (2011-11-24 17:12:13):

Place the -c option with output path template before the input folder, the command line parameters are processed from left to right.

Unknown author (2012-01-12 11:40:26):

Can some provide details for the options (C, R, L, H, I, M, S, N, T)
C is Current, R is recursive, however I cannot find any details for the others in the advanced config info

Vlasta (2012-01-12 11:41:51):

They are described on the main page in the Additional options section.

Unknown author (2012-01-13 22:36:53):


I just discovered this tool and I find it great. I'm specialy using this tool for resizing my pictures before I put them on my iPad. In the "PhotoResize Option"-tool I saw that a resizing option for an iPad is provided by default. I tried this option and it works fine except for vertical (portrait) pictures.

Does somebody know what the problem is ?

Thanks !

Unknown author (2012-02-06 22:58:54):

Hi excellent little program but after a bit of assistance please.. Theres a switch to skip smaller images, but is there a reverse switch i.e resize pictures to say 800x600 but only if picture width <800 please??

Vlasta (2012-02-07 00:00:36):

Unfortunately, that is currently impossible.

Unknown author (2012-08-09 17:29:18):

great tool!! There is the -z switch to only process files with a word in their file names. Is there also a switch to exclude files with a specified word in their file name?


Unknown author (2012-08-22 18:17:57):

Vlasta , I need your help, could you put a syntax here of the following:

- reduce to dimensions width = 100 height = 150
- reduce Quality to 95%
- copy to another folder and keep original filename

I have been trying hundreds of times, no luck , thanks in advance

Vlasta (2012-08-22 19:48:03):

Since you want to put the files in another folder, you'll have to run it from command line or use a shortcut:

PhotoResize100x150Q95.exe "-cC:\another_folder\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "source_files"
Unknown author (2013-01-25 19:54:46):

can this monitor a directory and resize incoming files

Unknown author (2017-01-12 00:42:10):

Sorry my ignorance, Vlasta, how can I use a shortcut to execute PhotoResize100x150Q95.exe "-cC:\another_folder\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "source_files"?
João Sabino

Ok, I´ve got it! Thanks
João Sabino

Unknown author (2017-01-12 13:42:19):

Sorry, can I pretend that PhotoResize puts the edited files in a destination folder with the same name as the source folder? I´m using a shortcut to drop into it the source folder with the files. Thanks!

Vlasta (2017-01-12 15:34:16):

Yes, you can do that.

Unknown author (2017-01-12 16:22:55):

Can I ask you, Vlasta, how can I do it? Many thanks!

Sorry, I forgot to mention my name: João Sabino

João Sabino: "Sorry, can I pretend that PhotoResize puts the edited files in a destination folder with the same name as the source folder? I´m using a shortcut to drop into it the source folder with the files. Thanks!"

Vlasta: "Yes, you can do that".

João Sabino: "Can I ask you, Vlasta, how can I do it? Many thanks!".

Vlasta (2017-01-13 09:19:26):

Using shortcut is one of the ways how to do it. You use whatever options you like and the "C" option and set the destination folder of the shortcut. It is described in more details at the end of this page.

Unknown author (2017-01-13 11:36:34):

Maybe I didn´t explain me well. The name of the source folder varies all the time. It´s not fixed. When I dropp the source folder (containing images) into the shorcut, I would like that, in the destination folder, could be automatically created a subfolder with the same name of the source folder. The command in my shortcut is this one:

C:\Users\sgmf0351\Desktop\PhotoResizePX60qX90C.exe -o "-cC:\Resized Images\<PATH><NAME>.jpg"

Now, is it possible, each time I dropp a folder into the shortcut, that a subfolder with the same name of the source folder is automatically created in the folder "Resized Images"?

Thanks for your time!

Vlasta (2017-01-13 14:56:40):

Ah, in that case, I am afraid it is not possible. Maybe you can do it externally in a .bat file.

Unknown author (2017-01-13 14:58:01):

Ok, I appreciate your attention. Regards

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